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Sometimes I get bored with any number of my currents and doing a prompt--100 to 500 word drabble--based on whatever one of my girls sends me helps to flex whatever issue is going on out of my head. Sometimes they're sexy, sad, or cute, and sometimes not. It depends on my mood, honestly.


Prompt provided by my always lovely lady Elle Leigh.

Subject matter could be mature, sort of. It is, really.


The fog was heavy, so thick he could cut his hand through it as he rounded the trunk of the willow once more. She alluded him, her giggles, that flimsy white dress she wore showing off cream colored thighs, and those shaking hands trailing over weathered, worn, and well-lived bark.
That's how he felt, now: weathered, worn, and well-lived. Even at only nineteen, young-dumb, and barely there at all, that's how he felt here. Maybe it was her that did that, her with her deep sea eyes, kind of lost expression, and gold crown of ringlets that fell all the damned way down her back to touch the hem of her dress...maybe.
He liked those curls best bunched up in his fist when it shook and he breathed and she sighed.
Hanging branches brushed over his shoulders as he rounded the tree again, hand curving to the base of the trunk as he switched direction and caught her off guard. Giggles fell loud, high, and surprised.
Surprised because his hand caught her under that flimsy, white summer dress feeling heat that didn't have a bit to do with the humidity in the air touching back to his hand. It was all cotton with a tiny bow at the top and tightening thighs as he grinned and she gasped to the tips of his fingers.
"You," she warned, not for one second looking like she wanted him to stop.
"What?" Pulling her closer she stumbled, but didn't fall. He still towered over her five foot, three inch frame like he did when she was fifteen and him too-busy-to-notice-you sixteen. "I've been gone six months, you can't be that mad." And six months was far too long, he thought. "Are you...that mad?"
"Not that mad..." she replied, distantly, stepping back and letting his hand fall when she added, "...but it's still enough."
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  1. The way you wove your words into the picture made for amazing mental imagery. I'm never disappointed when I read something you've written.

  2. Thank you, babe. Love to you.

  3. loveinstar Says:
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  4. starnosy Says:

    Love it. Like I love all your others. It is so wonderful how you can write a scene. Can't wait for more.

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