The Way I Write...
Every writer has a process, some of which can vary from a crazy, super kind of discipline to a write-whenever-I-have-the-give-a-damn-to kind of process. I wrote my first manuscript in less than twenty-three days, for example. That manuscript happened to be nearly 99,000 words long. I have never since written anything down as fast as I wrote that story, and I probably won't ever again.
Put your pen to paper and bleed, right? It's something I try to live by. If I don't believe and enjoy in what I am writing, what honestly is the point? For me, there is none. Writing is a release of stress, a personal getaway from the bills I pay, the job that drives me up the wall, and the kids I love with my whole heart but can't manage to go five minutes without screaming, "MOMMY!"
But the process...the process, or my personal process is an odd one, to say the least. I can start a dozen things in one week and never keep a single one. I'll send short summaries to Dixie, or Elle and then never start a damned thing on the stuff I send them. Secretly I think they love it, though. I might love what I do start, then notice they're a bit too similar to something I see later, despite the fact that I've never even read the other work. Still, I can't continue. Usually my marker is about 6,000 words. If I hit that point, and still love it, I can keep going.
Throughout the week I work on one thing at a time, generally whatever short fiction I consider a worthy current work in progress. Two weeks ago that happened to be A Mile High. I wrote that in a short three days, spent two on editing, wrote the synopsis, summary, hook, and query during a couple breaks at work, and sent it in to Evernight. Hell, it happened to work for me, surprisingly. This week, it happens to be a completely different short, erotic romance. One that deals in something I've never touched before: m/m. Male on Male.
Yeah, for those that are familiar in what I write in, this probably surprises even them. In the...oh, five, six, seven...years I've been writing fiction in one form or another, I have never touched this topic. Not because I felt uncomfortable with it, or disagreed with it, but mostly because I felt like how could I go about it, really.
I give props to the erotica writers who focus most of their work on m/m. I really, truly do. I've struggled to make it feel realistic in my head between two human males. And I can never seem to get this whole how a male orgasm feels down to paper correctly, not to mention my work never seems to read the same way to me as it does to others.
Not that that's a bad thing, to be sure.
Back to the process, though. I get two days off a week... Clearly, my work has no understanding of my desire to be a professional writer and won't give me more while still keeping my pay the same. Sarcasm is sarcastic, okay?
On those two days, while handling laundry, cleaning, the boys, my animals, and a spouse that suddenly thinks he's dying over an ear infection, I work on whatever full lengths I have going on. I currently have two full lengths I am working on.
One is my fanfiction. Google duskri123 if you want to know more about me on that. I'm in no way ashamed to admit I write fanfic, and that I have for several years. If it weren't for fanfic, that community, and the friends I made there, none of what I do now would have happened, nor would I even have considered writing. Witness is the fanfic I update weekly, and despite having said it will be my last, I owe dcurley1, my lovely fic wife as I call her, one more after it finishes.
Surprise, wifey.
The second full length I am currently working on is called A Dragon's Sol. An erotic romance handling shifters, men/women who morph/turn/change/shift/phase into whatever--mine happens to shift, though I prefer morph, into dragons. Set in a medieval sort of time where most of the world's power is held by a place called The Center, a place reigned by the Elders who raise orphaned children to be their Eradicators; children who grow up to be adults that hunt the clans of dragons. There's a great deal more to it, but the more I talk, the less I write. Ha, ha.  
This was something I started a year ago and put away until last week when something else I was working on stalled miserably. I'm also touching down on something in this full length that I've never tried before, but it excites me. I am in no way a hard-core fan of BDSM, nor do I pretend to understand a great deal of it, but bondage silks, floggers, and the detail involved in a scene between the lovers, or D/s is something I like, even if I might not write it so traditionally as others would.
And to me, the tying silks in A Dragon's Sol kind of looks like this:
Does it make you curious?
Pictures are always a part of the process.
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