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So, after a chat with my sick lady love, Dixie, last night on gchat, she agreed, I had to share a piece of this current I'm nearly finished with everyone. It's from my full length novel, A Love Unfinished (Title may change). The story runs on high emotions for quite a while, and this is just one of those parts. As of now, it's unedited and unfinished, so, keep that in mind. I hope everyone likes it!

Teaser - A Love Unfinished:

“Stop playing this goddamn game with me,” Holden muttered darkly. “I let you think and wonder and wait just like you wanted to. You’re always overthinking. I bet you felt so fucking alone this week, didn’t you, baby?”

“Shut up.”

Holden laughed a low sound. My arm against the door was still stretched high, locked in his grasp. “I’d wager when your apartment is dark and quiet, when there’s not a soul around to watch you hide it, you’re so fucking alone, aren’t you? You need to scream and yell. You want to fucking hurt me like I did you,” he taunted, body pushing harder to mine. I pushed back, hips jerking into hips, fingers holding tighter to his shirt. “Tell me, Dani…tell me how alone you are when I’m not there.”

“I hate you,” I hissed through clenched teeth. “I can’t get you out of my head, my dreams, or my life. You shouldn’t have come back here, you didn’t have any right.”

“You don’t hate me, you fucking love me. Hurt me.”

I whined a cry, letting go of his shirt to punch his chest. Holden’s surprise at my action flit across his features before that stony mask fell back into place. Before I could rethink my impulsive sudden need to hit him again, my palm laid an opened hand hit to his strong jaw. The sound of my skin hitting his echoed. He flinched, cheek ticking, but didn’t let his hold on me go.

“I hate you,” I repeated thickly, tears welling. “You left me all alone. Broke my heart. Didn’t think about me for a minute, did you? Just…gone.” The fingers still pressed to his cheek dug hard, nails scoring into hot flesh. Holden’s lips curled back, air cutting through his teeth as I released my painful hold, dropping my arm limply. “Fuck you. I loved you!”

“Love me,” he replied in a whisper. “No loved, you love me.”

 Tears snaked hot lines down my cheeks. The salty liquid gathered on my trembling lips. “Why won’t you just leave me alone?”

“Because you’re mine, Dani, and you always have been.”

His words only served to fuel my fury. When I moved to strike out at him again, Holden released his firm hold on my backside and caught the swinging hand in midair. The angry jeer he sported was a striking contrast to the hurt I’d caused only moments before. Instead of letting my hand go like I thought he would, Holden pressed my fingers to his lips, biting down on the very tips with just enough pressure to make me feel the ache of pain it caused.

My breath caught, a crashing wave of lust falling over every inch of me. His hips flexed forward, erection grinding into my center as his other hand let go of my wrist to grapple against my waist. Without warning, I found myself lifted against the door and the action was so smooth it didn’t even register until my foot was off the ground and wrapping around his waist like the other one had.

Holden’s teeth finally let go of my fingers, allowing them to splay over full lips. Teeth marks were imprinted along the olive tone of my skin. The spot where he’d bitten sung with pain and heat that radiated up my arms. A desperate rush of want danced through pumping veins.

“Where does this hitting thing come from? You weren’t one to hit before, baby.”

“Never gave me a reason.”

A rugged smirk answered me back. “Did I ever tell you you’re pretty when you’re mad but prettier when you cry?”

I sneered. “Am I?”

“Just like fucking sin,” he uttered.

“You’re an asshole.”

“You love me. Say it.”

“No,” I spat, pushing my hand against his mouth.

Holden leaned down until his lips were so close to mine I could taste the mint on his breath. When he tried to kiss me, I jerked out of the way, back arching against metal and breasts pushing to his chest. Once more, he attempted to kiss me, lips pressing down to my cheek instead, teeth nipping painfully against skin. I turned my head fast and responded with a bite of my own at the corner of his mouth. Holden recoiled, jolting away.

“Fuck you,” I repeated. “Don’t kiss me.”

I found my wrists barricaded in the bars of his fingers again, snug and strong over my head. Straining against his hold, Holden peppered the bridge of my nose, apple of my cheeks, and the tight seam of my lips with the softest kisses that at any other time, would have made me melt. His tongue peeked out to taste, drawing away a tear on the corner of my bottom lip.

I wanted so badly to lean away from him, but I couldn’t. Especially not when he whispered, “I never wanted to hurt you. You know I’m so sorry for doing this to you.”

“Who are you?” I asked brokenly. “I don’t even know you anymore!”

“Yes, you do. I’m the same person you woke up to for years, the only one you wanted to marry. I’m that eighteen year old boy who took your virginity and the man you shared a bed with every single night. I still wake up at five in the morning to run, can’t stand to listen to the television, and my favorite pastime is making you smile. Goddamn it, you know me.”

My ice covered heart cracked a little more. “He left.”

“No, he did not,” Holden murmured strongly. “Something took him away, but just for short time. I’m sorry.”
Copyright 2013 Bethany-Kris
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