Review: Marked Souls by Michelle Clay

Hey everyone! So, I had the fantastic pleasure of reading a novel by a fellow Evernight author, Michelle Clay. You can find her website here and the titles of all her other works, too. Check her out, between her Young Adult stuff and the more adult section, she has a great selection to choose from.
Marked Souls is a paranormal romance with a little bit of heat thrown in.
Summary: Alex Chandler has devoted her life to hunting the demonic. When she catches the attention of Erielnael, one of the most badass demons in the Netherworld, he plans on using her to rip the seams between this realm and the Netherworld. He also wants her as his familiar and everything else in between.

Demons aren’t the only ones after Alex. A secretive group of demon hunters has learned of her talents as well. Given a choice between assisting them or death, she agrees to help and her life is turned upside down. To make matters worse she falls for the group’s leader, Cole Murrough, who is moody and sometimes difficult to get along with.

Cole has a dark secret of his own, but can she accept it? Alex finds herself dealing with demons, a forbidden love, dark secrets and a betrayal so shocking; it could destroy everything she’s worked toward.
A summoner and banisher of demons, Alex, the heroine, has suddenly garnered the attention of not only a demon who’s a little more than he appears, but a group of demon hunters as well. When forced to work with this ragtag team of hunters under circumstances that aren’t quite as they appear at first, Alex finds herself drawn to a particular member of the team, Cole.
An Irish, mysterious man, who also has a bit more than what meets the eye, Cole not only has a past to hide, but something dark within himself that for his safety, he needs to keep hidden away, also. But, when Cole’s secrets and pasts are exposed, can Alex get over exactly what he is to overcome the grand truth that surrounds them? Maybe.
While the hero and heroine battle lines between secrecy, danger, and demons, they also find themselves battling the closeness they find dealing with one another, the ailing health of a Section leader, and the strange things happened that threaten to tear their group apart.
Can Cole and Alex make it through the demons, lies, and plots to discover the truth?
In the end, I really enjoyed Marked Souls. Written in third person, with just the right amount of heat thrown in at the appropriate times and places, it read well, and the more erotic bits didn’t take away from the story as a whole. While it’s paranormal, it’s also filled with suspense. It kept me turning the virtual pages until the very end from the time I started the book until I finished it. I had my own theories about just who and what forces were at work in this story, but Michelle kept me guessing right up to the point where all was finally revealed, and surprisingly, I was wrong in my thoughts.
I also gave a little shout of joy for a sideline character, Jacob, because he was so sweet, young, and devoted even with all his troubles and the demons he’d had to carry all on his own. It says a lot for an author who can make me feel something more than just a fleeting feeling for a secondary character, to be honest.
All in all, it was a great read. I’m excited to check out more of Michelle’s stuff, and by the ending of Marked Souls, I'm more than ready to read more about this magical, and sometimes demonic, world.
To buy Marked Souls, you can find it at:
The print copy can also be found here.
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