A few updates:

1) A Mile High is set to be released on the 25th of September. Yep, that's next week.

2) I joined Evernight's blog hop for their third birthday celebration. The add-on to my side bar shows the dates and the prizes available to win for those who want to join in on the festivities. I, too, will be giving away a free copy of A Mile High when it's released and a gift card for Evernight. My post for the event, along with how to be included in the hop, should be up sometime next week.

3) The first draft of a new full length story is now finished and I'm in the terrible process of editing it.

4) A Mile High is on Goodreads, now. I have to wait for them to merge my author profile and my original, so that could take some time but it is available to be added on to lists and whatever else.

I think that's all. De nada. Have a great day!

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