A Monday Tease #teaser
As promised, here is a teaser from my upcoming release with Evernight Publishing, A Love Unfinished. It is unedited.

In this scene, we get just a glimpse at how possessive a dragon tends to be, even if he's being subtle about it.

On with the show:

“In a minute.” The apartment’s door met my back. Holden’s hands splayed out palm down to the wood on either side of my face. The sudden movements left me stunned. With him so close, I couldn’t think or breathe. Soft grazes of his lips brushed over mine as he said, “Speaking of last night, I wanted to apologize.”

My free hand fisted into the supple dark leather of his jacket, instinctively bringing him closer to inhale that spiced earth scent of his.

Lips wet under his tongue, drawing my gaze. “Being careless and rough with you like that. I should have controlled the situation better. It wasn’t my intention to get you up there for sex, Dani. It shouldn’t have been like—”

“I didn’t mind,” I interjected softly. “I’m perfectly fine.” A little sore in all the right places, but I was doing all right. “Really, Holden.”

“It was too dangerous. I should have known better.” His eyes turned distant, brow furrowing. “Your friend…Joey.”

Immediately, I tensed. “What about him?”

“Whatever was between you two, that’s done, right? I noticed he hasn’t been around, but he’s stopped by the cafĂ© a few times.”

How did he even know that shit? “Uh…”

“I’m serious,” he said, gaze back on me with a fire behind them. “I don’t want a rival and I won’t share your bed. That’s not how we roll. Be flat out honest, is it done?”

“Didn’t I already tell you it was before?”

“Are we playing twenty fucking questions here, or what? I’m not trying to give you the inquisition, but I need to know for sure. Don’t fault me for that. Tell me the truth. No crap.”

I sighed, forcing back my irritation. “Fine. Yes, it’s been done for a while.”

“I figured as much,” Holden muttered under his breath. “Last night—”

“Are you worried you need to get tested or something?” I asked bitterly, pushing clenched fists to the hard planes of his abdomen. Holden met my angry stare, surprise registering in blue eyes. “Is that why you’re bringing him up again, because we fucked unsafe? Should I be asking you that, too? God only knows the number of ass you’ve been chasing this past year.”

“Just the one—yours.”
Hope it got you stirring a little...until next time!
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