End of the week updates...
So, in an attempt to put this blog on some kind of schedule for myself, I've designated Sundays to be an update post on whatever has been happening in regards to my upcoming releases, previous releases, or on whatever in general.

Will I keep this new schedule? Yet to be determined.

I'm a fickle soul.

Weather inside of a woman.

Moving on...

Now, updates.

A Love Unfinished, being published by Evernight Publishing, has a tentative release schedule of December, but given its length and whatever else, that could bleed into January 2014. As of now, I don't have an exact date.

On a different note, the first manuscript I ever wrote and submitted in to very few publishers has just been picked up. Yes, I signed a contract for it this morning. I had sub'd this manuscript in so long ago, that I had forgotten it was still in someone's hand for consideration, actually, so getting that email the other day really surprised me.

A little info on the book in question:


It's a full length contemporary romance situated in the predominate Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta. Dealing heavy in the romance aspect, this story still has its erotic moments, but it certainly isn't as graphic or the scenes as frequent as my other titles which was why finding the right publisher for this story was a bit of a challenge. There seems to be a line drawn there, as if it either is romantic erotica, or it isn't. I don't quite think so. Not everything is so physical and not all characters tell their stories that way. I chose to let these ones tell me their story the way they wanted, and despite the story having a new kind of sound--again, my first romance--I'm terribly happy to see it get off my desktop and on to someone else's.

The main characters are Devon Lynk, a former heavyweight MMA champion, and Nic Stacey, a small-town girl trying to find her new start in a crazy way. They find themselves in a sticky situation, and in the midst of trying to handle all of the issues, maybe fall in a little bit of love along the way. Of course, nothing is ever so easy in my crazy head, so we get a twist there, too.

I have a blurb, but it needs a touch of work, so for now, I'm going to leave that space blank and ask you to be patient. ;)

Contracted with Crimson Romance Publishing, I have a tentative release date of early February. Again, it could bleed into later in the month, given schedules, editing, and everything else.

I'm sure a few people, or at least anyone who keeps up with things in the small house world of publishing might just have rose a brow. Yes, I did my homework. Yes, I am aware of things that went on. No, I'm not concerned. I quite like this publisher, just as much as my first. Small house works for me, and they all have kinks to work out. That's about all I'm willing to say on that matter.

I think that's all. Tomorrow I'll be around to drop a teaser off for my upcoming title A Love Unfinished. But for now, I'll leave you with some pretty that reminds me of something. And for those that read my other works outside of OF publishing....blankets on the floor, that's what brought on that pretty.

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