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This is my first time joining in on the Mid Week Tease. Clearly, because I managed to booboo my name up on the linky list. Whoops. Yeah, it's one of those mornings. Forgive me.  *sighs* Also, I might as well just say Doris O'Connor fixed up my list problem down below because I am just a little bit more than technically challenged on a good day. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it just annoying when I fudge it all up. Anyway, thanks to her for that.

The piece below comes from my manuscript Lynked. Currently, it's going through its first round of edits. And my editor very nicely told me I glossed over the first kiss much too much. I happened to agree when I read it. So, this was the piece rewritten yesterday. It is unedited.

Introducing Devon and Nic:

Inside the car, Devon caught a coy smile playing on Nic’s lips. The strangest urge to catch that grin of hers with his own mouth took hold in an overwhelming way that plucked at every cell in his body. Instantly, he had her backed against the door with his hands gripping right to her waist as Devon’s mouth met hers. To him, she felt hot, simmering already like smouldering coals. Or maybe that was him. Just the taste of her burned him from the inside out. Nic didn’t hesitate to deepen the kiss when his tongue teased along the seam of her lips. The taste of mint exploded along his taste buds.

Her fingers fisted harder into his shirt, drawing Devon closer as her tongue explored his with a languid speed. Slowly, his breathing came to a rhythm that nearly matched hers and when she sighed so sweet and soft, his teeth caught her bottom lip with a gentle nip. The driver cleared his throat and pulling away, Devon chuckled.

“Can you make it fast?”

“Eight minutes if we’re not interrupted, Lynk.”

Devon watched as Nic’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Make it six and you’ll be a happy man in the morning.”

Not so glossy, now, I think...


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  1. Mmm, I do love a good kissing scene :-) And technology is sent to try us, I'm sure!

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