With every round of edits...
I think I lose a little part of my soul and my black heart breaks.

No, I'm just kidding. Kind of.

Given I've had about five rounds of professional editing in the last two months slide into my inbox, and that's not counting the self editing I've done for a recently finished novel, I think I can talk openly about this for a moment.

Some authors get really excited when they get their edits back from their editor. They love working through them, finding the comments and suggestions to make everything pretty and better. I'm not saying I don't, I'm just saying I'd rather spoon my eyeballs out with rusty sporks.

What I do love about it all, however, is the critique.

"Explain this..."

"You've left this unfinished..."

"Who is speaking here?"


Some of my grammatical issues are a regional thing (I literally am a backwater hick at times). Some of them are just plain stupidity. Other things sound right in my head and look proper when I read them but someone objective sees something wholly different.

I don't pretend to be perfect. And I enjoy seeing my issues and problems plainly spelt out for me.

Still, my soul chunks off and my heart breaks.

Sometimes it's because I watch a lot of words get cut. I talk a lot. A lot, a lot. So, when 3-4k of my manuscript is cut because it's info dumping or useless dialogue, it's harsh. To me, it was important. To the story, maybe not so much. That sucks, but what goes, goes, and the story is usually better for it.

Silver linings. Find one. Hold tight to it. Or you'll never want to edit, or have someone else edit, something ever again.

I don't really have advice, just wanted to spew some thoughts. I will say, though, that with every round of edits that slide into my inbox, I try to take something from. Like corrections, almost. Because that's exactly what they are. The next time I sit down to write, I'm reminded of just what was fixed the last time, what was cut, and why it needed to happen. I like to think--like, because sometimes I forget--that applying these corrections is working.

Other times I see all the red and think, "Yep, that's my blood bleeding out right there and not in a good way."

Dramatic, I know.

Meh. Don't fault me. I have some issues.

Hope you're holidays will be wonderful!

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