#Review of Find Me by @EllaJade1

A love that transcends time…
As her 25th birthday approaches, Riley Sparrow begins to dream of a handsome, intriguing stranger. Each night the dreams get more intense and the stranger starts leaving her clues to his whereabouts. The dreams always end in a whisper...
Find Me.
Riley has denied her birthright her entire life. She descends from a strong line of witches and warlocks, but she's refused her powers up until now. With the help of her estranged grandfather she learns that her mystery man is from the past and his life is in danger. Will her grandfather help her travel back to 1963 to save the man she believes she's meant to be with? A man she knows nothing about but feels a strong connection to.
If she finds him, can she save him from the evil that haunts them both? By securing his past, she knows there can never be a future for them in her time.
~*~Bethany-Kris's Review~*~
Five out of Five Stars for Find Me by Ella Jade
When a witch in the year 2014 begins having a mysterious, handsome warlock from 1963 start visiting her in her dreams, she knows she has no other choice, she has to find him.
Ella Jade does something pretty amazing here for me as a reader, she brought in two of my favorite loves, magic and time travel, and she kept me captivated from start to finish. Time travel in books is something I don’t indulge in often, I prefer to see it, like in a movie. Maybe then it feels more real to me. I didn’t have a problem with not feeling it here. Dean and Riley, being eras apart, managed to make me feel like I was right there, too, struggling not to tell things of the future, laughing over the awe of our “internet”, and somehow begging to find a way to just…keep him.
Because above all else, Riley so wanted to keep this lovely, charming man as her own. He came to her, so why shouldn’t she?
With the plot twists (nothing I will divulge because it would ruin some of the best parts), the magical aspects, and the danger lurking at the edges of the pages because…well, what DOES really happen when you travel through time?...well, you’re left wondering if there is any way out of this situation these two lovers have found themselves in.
The romance was warm, lovely, and sweet. Charm came from Dean in the bucket loads, and I think his character portrayed his time well. A young, virile man from the 60’s having a sexually free, beautiful woman from 2014 fall into his lap…and bed…well, who could ask for more?
Not Dean, he found what he wanted. And he took her.
While I opened up this novel to start it on the third, an emergency came up and I had to put it down. That really bugged the heck out of me—I wanted to read this so bad and right the heck now. When I was able to open it back up on the morning of the sixth, I finished it in the span of an hour. I’m one hell of a fast reader, so I was able to open it back up again at the start, and read it all over again before the babies woke up.
There isn’t a doubt in my mind I’m going to read it a third time…and probably soon.
Ella Jade makes me want to go grab something else of hers as soon as I possibly can and devour it, especially if there’s magical or time travel elements involved. A fantastic read—one worth a second, and third, look.
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  1. ella jade Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my book :)

  2. Thank you for the chance to read it. :)

  3. This is next on my to-read list. Great review, Bethany!

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