Taking #editing another round...
Oh, yes, we're back to that.

I finished up the editing for The Arrangement, coming out March 17th, and have just finished writing the sequel, The Life. So, I get to start a couple of rounds of self editing on that before it's good to be sent in as well.

Interestingly enough, I still take something away with every round, something for me to put to use when I self edit. This time it seemed to focus on words I use in excess. Finding out I used "For a moment" sixty something odd times in a manuscript was...shocking. I don't even notice the words when I'm reading through, let alone the fact that they're showing up that darned much. Instead of "he took a second" or "momentarily" my go-to is "For a moment".

I have a few others I use a lot:

Breathing (in a couple of uses)
Tears welling

Those are a few, anyway. That's not to say I used them sixty times, but they do show up maybe more often than they should. I tend to focus on the actions. I now have a nice little list to do a seek and find in my Microsoft word and go delete crazy, or change some stuff around.

Also, occasionally I drop a pronoun. Whoops. Ha ha.

Living and learning. Taking something from each round. Silver linings, again.

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