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Between my last release for A Love Unfinished, and promoting it, I almost forgot about Lynked. It releases on Feb. 3rd from Crimson Romance and that's not very far away. My last couple of weeks have been crazy hectic, so when I looked at the calendar today I went, "Ohhhh. Yeah." Me and my flighty mind. *sighs*

So, I thought I'd offer a teaser of Lynked today. A turning point of sorts for this hero and heroine. For the longest time they battle between feelings and what others will see as appropriate because of his status and who she is. Eventually, that has to stop. You have to do what's best for you, not for those around you.

Otherwise, when will you ever be happy?

“What are we doing?” His voice was muted but thick; the smell of her orchid perfume was overtaking stale air. “You don’t want to do this, pretty girl…remember? Please don’t make this harder on me.” A feather light kiss pressed to Devon’s neck, wanting to stop his worry. He shuddered from the contact and wrapped his arms around Nic who was only now just starting to finally figure out what she wanted: him. “Nic…come on.”

“I’m sick and fucking tired of battling with myself over what’s going to feel good to others compared to what will feel good for me,” Nic explained.

The pads of her fingers pressed a little harder, travelling over the definition of his muscles, dips, and curves. He felt so strong and soft under her hands. If Devon hadn’t been so tired, she wondered if his body would start reacting to her little touches. She wasn’t all too sure if she was ready for that to happen between them again, but lust crawled its way through her veins even so.

“It shouldn’t matter what others want, just me. So, I’m just going to go with how it comes.”

There had been a point sometime in the day when Nic realized something in her own mind had changed when it came to how she thought of her situation with Devon. Nic hadn’t stopped to consider how he hadn’t once propositioned her again, or how he was constantly giving her space without her needing to ask for it. Devon wasn’t breaching her personal barriers or space, he didn’t crowd her into proverbial corners, and things between them had all but simmered into a sometimes awkward but mostly good friendship.

And Nic still wanted him.  

“You were right—I was stuck thinking I was your burden, and that you wanted something back for taking care of me. I get you don’t, now, Dev.”

Devon was quiet for a long while before he finally asked, “Why didn’t you label that fruity yogurt stuff in the freezer so I could know what it was? I hate fruit.”

Her tinkling laughter shook the bed. “Because I knew you wouldn’t have tried it. You liked it so it’s all good.”

“That was dirty.”

“I never promised to play a clean game, tough guy.”

She found his hands were curling into the soft hair at the nape of her neck. “Did you grow up eating like a rabbit or something? You’re pretty strict when it comes to food and the yoga. It’s a little worrisome sometimes—baby, I bet you’d die over a decent burger.”

“I eat fine, thank you. Obviously better than you, considering I didn’t spend the morning with my head stuck to the toilet seat.” Nic knew she had that battle all but won. Her head tilted back to look up and see the grin he sported. “But to answer your question, my foster parents were a little…eccentric—did the whole healing crystals and pure life thing. Other than Jordan and our foster father, the house was filled with five women. My foster dad, Lee, was heavy into yoga and saving the world. That’s probably why Jordan found himself in boxing and Kung Fu—getting to a place where he was surrounded by testosterone instead of all the women stuff he had to deal with.”

“He didn’t get along with your foster father?” Devon asked, sounding curious.

 “Sure, but Jordan wanted to hit something, you know? He was thirteen and angry. I was twelve and lonely. We’d been taken away from our mother and put in with these people who were a little crazy.” Nic laughed and Devon smiled at the sound. “I’ve never seen him fight before until that night at Chaine Lynk. He talked about it, but nothing really compared to finally seeing it.”

 “It’s the walls,” he said quietly, and she wondered if his thoughts were drifting to the past. “Your anger gets focused inside this space and instead of trying to handle everything around you, there are these eight walls and one other person. A good fighter zones into that space and you can see they know how to use it. I probably miss that the most.”

“You miss fighting?”

He swallowed, shaking his head. “No way, pretty girl, I miss the walls. I haven’t found anything worth focusing my drive on since I left the cage. It’s not the release of anger, because I get that satisfied just fine with running and the gym. I don’t miss working my body until I’m physically sick, or pulling a half a night in a sauna to drop ten pounds and hit the right weight class. I just want the walls and my drive.”

Nic’s hands travelled over Devon’s shoulders, nails dragging on skin gently. The way his eyes closed and face relaxed told her he was close to falling back into a heavy sleep once more. . Her voice was a quiet whisper hovering in the air. She needed to know if maybe she was still what he wanted, now, too.

When his eyes blinked back open at her soft tenor, she knew he heard her say, “Could I be those walls?”
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