Making Writing Goals ... And Keeping Them
I've often been asked how I manage to write the amount of words I do and not lose speed, or worse, burn out completely.

Honestly, I ask myself that a lot, too. I'm the mother of two young boys--two and four-years-old. I have a full-time job that ranges between 30 to 37 hours a week, or more. Beyond the stamp I'm attempting to make with this writing of mine, I have many other responsibilities. A house to clean, children to care for, a spouse who needs the occasional kiss, animals to feed, a job to work. Yeah, it's a lot.

And somehow, even with all of those things, I managed to have three full length novels published one month after another. January, A Love Unfinished came out. February, Lynked. And in March, The Arrangement is set to be released.

I've also recently finished another full length, the second in The Russian Guns series, The Life. Although I have yet to send that in for submission, for my own reasons.

Can I just stop and say, before anything else, that it was a lot?

Maybe even too much. Sure, readers are insatiable. They love a good story, especially from their favorite authors. You want to put out a full length novel a month--GIMME. And that's great, it really is. But I felt like, for the last three months, that I couldn't even think straight. Which book was I promoting again? Who was on my blog next week? Have I got enough of my own stuff out there for eyes to be on it?

CRAP, I totally missed that freaking typo again!


And in the midst of the last release, and the upcoming one, mixed in with the edits for The Arrangement, I wrote The Life. Ending at a decent word count of about 93k, it too has a hefty read behind it.

I have written full length novels in less than a month. I have written them in a month and a half. My personal best, in word count, is 85k in 23 days. Don't ask me how, I'm not entirely sure. Some characters, some stories, make it so much easier than others. They take over and speak, while my hands are simply the tools that get it all down.

Do I have goals? Is THAT how I do it?


I do have a sort of, personal goal, we'll say. I would love for writing to eventually be my full-time job, so whether I want to or not, I write every single day. Every week, I make sure I get at least 10k into something. I also no longer edit as I write. I save that for the end, and that could mean a good three rounds of self edits before I feel it's okay to send out for submission. Some weeks I can get a heck of a lot more in, especially if my work schedule permits, my kids don't try to kill me, and the hubby doesn't bitch too much.

Yeah, I said that, D, because you do.

But that's my goal, and for me, it's a very decent one. 10k a week.

Nope, that's not a full length in a month, but more often than not, I go over that goal weekly by leaps and bounds. I rarely fail it, because I've kept it realistic. I think that's the key. Some other authors might not have the time, or maybe the will, to even do 10k a week. And I think that's okay. Everybody is different.

And I firmly--wholly--believe that quality beats quantity ... every damned time.

I intend to put out the best of me every time I put something to paper, every time it goes to the publisher, and every time it gets released. Sometimes that's 10k a week, sometimes it's more, and occasionally, it's less.

Works for me.

What about you?

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