Prompt Fiction - Femme Fatale
Just a little something to flex my fingers, so to speak. It turned out much differently than I thought it would...

Title: Femme Fatale

Prompt: “I know what you did …”

Prompt provided by Dixie

Word Count: 209

She shifts on his lap, taking him deeper, letting him go further.

Where had he been? Didn’t he know?

She knew.

Humans were so predictable, she thought.

Then, you’re human, too.

Yes, but she was a special kind. A better kind. The kind who didn’t feel, who never had. She never cried. You needed emotion to have tears. Love? What was that? A word that stuck in the roof of her mouth because she didn’t know what it meant to say it.

But, she had a husband. A husband who thought she was too cold, with her steel eyes and emotionless responses. She’d never once told him she loved him—did he even realize that?

She did.

Now, though … now she felt rage. It was something new. Something unexpected. Something so lovely. It singed along the edges of her senses, heated up her skin. Mixed with sex, rage was an absolute euphoria.

Too bad he had been the one to cause it.

He had to go.

She’d find someone new.

With her fingers around his throat, his arms bound from naivety and trust, she whispers, “I know what you did …”
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  1. Dixie Says:

    Oh damn, girl!!

  2. Certainly not what we were expecting.

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