#Review of Doris O'Connor's Auctioned to the Honorable Dom
Four out of five stars to Auctioned to the Honorable Dom by Doris O'Connor
Bethany-Kris' Review:
Laura agrees to sign herself up to be a part of the Club Spectrum auctions, intent on having one night to fulfill her fantasies of a darker, dirtier nature, but what she doesn’t expect, is to find herself mixed up with someone from her past. Slade, who wins the bid for her auction—a mighty price, I have to say—just happens to be the boy she has such a crush for years ago. He’s also her brother’s best friend, or was.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of uh-oh to go around.

Doris has this amazing ability that I appreciate in BDSM authors, when they manage to do it. It’s this little thing called giving BDSM with your story, not giving a story with your BDSM. It’s what makes up the difference between simply erotica and erotic romance. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, which is often why I don’t read BDSM. However, I’ve come to trust this author’s ability to give me the story with the hotness, and she delivers, every single time.

Doris has a great grasp on human emotions when they’re living in the lifestyle, both in precarious situations, situations where the characters are letting go, and at times when they’re just plain old breaking down walls and barriers. Or, they could just be breaking the heck down. Either way, she plays those emotions like heartstrings. I love that. Give me the feels, I need them when I read.

With Slade and Laura, you really, really feel their struggle, both individually, and together. That’s a pretty amazing feat on Doris’ part if you consider the length of this story. Together, these characters left nothing to the wind. When they opened, they opened. When they gave in, they gave in.

That all or nothing feel is what gives this story the four stars for me.

The one thing that kept this from being a five star read was Laura and her brother Mike. Their issue was brought up, seemingly a part of the plot. Especially as it related directly to Slade in a way. Then, at the end, that was left hanging. There was no understanding from Mike to Laura, which would have been fine, even if Laura could have had a mental understanding with herself that she was “okay” with her brother not approving of her lifestyle. Instead, we see her still worrying and concerned over what her brother will think at the very end. I’m aware who the next couple are in the series, but I felt this story was Laura’s, so she should have at least mentally closed out her feelings on that matter.

The writing was clean. I didn’t find any typos. The one thing I did notice at the end, which very nearly slid past my eye because of placement and wording, was probably why it slipped past others’ eyes as well. The sentence: “…there was no mistaken the heavy erection he was now sporting.” I believe it should have been “mistaking”. But again, because of where it was, and the word, it’s not a surprise it slips past the eye and it really didn’t take anything from the stuff around it.
All in all, a great read by Doris O’Connor. She hasn’t failed me yet, and I’m looking forward to Mike and Scarlett, now!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*
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A drunken dare sees Laura Anderson sign up for the Club Spectrum Auctions. A night of kinky sex with a real Dom is just what she needs. It was never meant to be with Slade Douglas, the only man she's ever loved. The man who left her standing at her parent's grave, and fled the country without an explanation.

Fifteen years her senior, Slade had thought her too fragile and innocent for the lifestyle then, and he made a promise to her brother to leave her alone. This time he cannot walk away, especially as Laura is not the innocent girl he remembers. She has grown into a beautiful woman, willing and able to gift him with her submission, and their chemistry cannot be denied.

As he explores her boundaries and pushes her further than she has ever been taken before, Laura flies, but their painful past may prove one obstacle too many.

There's only one thing Slade can do…
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