I write what I do...
Because I enjoy what I write. It's a pretty simple concept to me. My genre might not stay the same from book to book. I might not keep the same topics, either. Look at my releases, for example. I went from short and simple erotica, to a full length paranormal dealing with shifting dragons, to MMA fighting (which I plan to go back to, eventually), to contemporary/suspense romance with organized crime elements (which I'll probably stick to for quite a bit of future releases--I do so love organized crime romance).

These are all the things I enjoy. I love to read in the nature of these things, so it only made sense for me to write those kinds of subjects, with my own views and takes.

When I first began writing a few years ago, before it turned into a professional thing, I was looking for something specific to read, couldn't find it when I wanted it, and then decided to just go ahead and write one of my own. Later, when the writing turned to a more professional route, I took the exact same path. What I was looking for to read, I wasn't finding in the types of things I found. So, I wrote it instead.

There's a whole game surrounding digital publishing that I don't like to play. What's hot, what's selling, the algorithms, the rankings, how many books you need to put out yearly, and it goes on and on and on.

*stares blankly at the wall until I fall asleep*

Yeah, that's about how I feel in regards to all of that.

Do I worry about it? Sometimes, but not to the point where I'm raising my blood pressure and losing sleep.

If I'm writing in the genre that's "hot" and "selling" then great. But if I'm not, I'm still writing what I enjoy to write. I'm not forcing the characters or the words. I'm not struggling to get through each scene because it just doesn't work for me as a writer. And my backlist is *still* growing. My readership is slowly coming in, which I am so grateful for.

I'm getting there, one step at a time. I still have my fulltime job, but that was the plan, anyway.

The one thing I didn't plan on? Playing the game. And I'm not. Success comes in different forms for different people. As long as I'm enjoying it, and still getting what I need from it, I'll continue.

What about you?
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  1. Kiru Taye Says:

    You've got to do what works best for you. Great post, Bethany-Kris!

  2. Wendy Says:

    I couldn't agree more! Great post!

  3. Everyone does I think. :-) Thank you!

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