Information on The Arrangement's Sequel, The Series, and more ...
I know, right?

There's a sequel? A whole series? WHAAT?!

When did that happen?

Well, actually, it always had happened. From the moment I began penning The Arrangement, it was planned to be a series titled The Russian Guns. In fact, for the longest time, the page on this blog that directed to information on The Arrangement was titled for the series and not the first book. Every post on this blog that referenced The Arrangement had the tag "The Russian Guns series" attached.

The Russian Guns is a three book trilogy--though I prefer series--that follows the main couple Anton and Viviana through the first few years of their relationship, marriage, and the mafia lifestyle they live and the issues they face through it all.

When I pitched the story, I pitched it as the first book in a series of three. The publisher, unfortunately, was only interested in the first book. Subsequent series titles featuring the same couple as the main pairing wasn't something they were interested in, though I wasn't aware of that fact and they didn't make me aware, either.

So, it's not a surprise that everywhere you look, The Arrangement comes up as a single title, standalone story. Certainly not a shocker that it doesn't present itself as a series with more titles coming up. Though I requested for the series information to be included, and provided the information during publication, it still isn't and won't be for the first book unless I can do it myself.

Like Goodreads. And possibly Amazon.

When I was able to change the book's information on Goodreads the other day--with the help of a wonderful librarian--my Goodreads inbox was flooded with several messages within minutes.

"There's more?"

"More of Anton and Vine?"


Yeah, there's more. A lot more. So much more. Thank, thank, thank you for your interest and support. It was just what I needed in this journey.

And I cannot wait to share it, really. I will be sharing it, too.

I will be self-publishing the final two installments of Viviana and Anton's story in The Life and The Score. It's a scary step, but without a doubt, the right one for me and this series. No, The Arrangement will likely not show up as the first book in the series, but every book I put out myself will be linked back to it for the new readers. I hope to have The Life out by summer, and at the latest, the end of summer. And while the subsequent books can be considered standalones in the series, I do highly recommend new readers delve into The Arrangement first to learn the story of these two characters and how their love story really came to be.

For those possible wonderers of Christina and Nicoli, there is a very high probability of a fourth novella being released once Anton and Viviana's stories are completely told. I always wanted to tell their tale as well.

Anyways, there's the info. Thanks for reading my ramble. Please share for others to know, also.

4 Responses
  1. Heather Says:

    Beyond happy that you're still putting the other two out there!!

  2. I don't have a choice. It doesn't feel finished otherwise. I have to tell the story properly. Thanks!

  3. Sheila Says:

    Way to go girl.I think self publishing is the future.The previous publishers made a mistake not picking the rest of the series.A good example is Stephenie Meyer with Twilight,publishers did not give it a chance until one smart one saw the potential and look how much of a success it became.The most important thing is you believe in yourself and your work.I'm definately going to be looking forward to the next one.

  4. I certainly think there's a niche for self, digital, and traditional publishing. It's allowed some great writers to come out of the woodwork and say hello and show their stuff. I'm happy to be able to continue this series. Thanks for the support, lady!

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