Opening Sentence ... New WIP
We're taught as authors that from the first sentence, we need to catch the reader's attention. Whether it be the dialogue, the opening paragraph, the information we give, whatever, it needs to be catchy, quick, and grab the person reading.

Seems simple enough, right?

More often that not, it isn't.

The opening of someone's story usually sets the tone for the rest of the novel as a whole. It essentially gives that beginning peek of what a person is worth with their writing, what their style is, and the immediate grip they have, or don't, on the character telling the story. After all, almost all sneak peeks available from vendors start from chapter one, or the prologue, right?

It should be strong. It should be instant.


Really, it should just be whatever you want it to be. You should tell the story how it's meant to be told. I've never had an issue seeing the opening of one of my stories before. I've always known who would speak first, or who planned on ruling the tale right from the very beginning.

But, I still think it should catch the reader, too.

Here's the opening sentence of my newest WIP, titled Spray Paint Kisses:

"Isn't that illegal?"

Catchy? Cute? Funny?

It really works to set the tone for this story, anyway.

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