Book Tour Top Ten: Keeping Secrets by @KiruTaye #Review
Keeping Secrets by Kiru Taye
Contemporary Romance

Have you ever loved someone and didn’t even know it?

That’s the dilemma facing Felix Essien when he wakes from a coma to find he is married to the most beautiful and sensual woman he’s ever known. He cannot remember her or their wedding; he who had sworn never to get married or to give his heart to another. Yet, he feels an intense bond with her that he intends to explore fully.

Ebony can’t believe her good fortune when her paper husband wakes not remembering the temporary marriage arrangement with no intimacies he’d proposed, and is now the adoring husband she’s always dreamt of.

She plans to make the most of the passion blossoming between them. However, would he still feel that way when he regains his memory and realises she’s been keeping secrets and their marriage is not what he thinks it is?

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Top Ten Facts About The Main Characters

As a lover of books, as a teenager Kiru Taye used to read novels under the blanket with a torch at night. These days, with a young family to take care of, she's still sacrificing sleep for the pleasures of a good book.
During the day though, she transforms her wildly vivid imagination into sensual, atmospheric romance stories with passionate characters.
When she’s not writing or reading, she'd hanging out with family and friends or travelling. Born in Nigeria, she currently lives in the UK with husband and children.
You can reach her via her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest
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Bethany-Kris' Review of Keeping Secrets

****Four out of Five Stars****

Felix Essien and Ebony's marriage is nothing more than an arrangement on paper. Or at least, that's what it was supposed to be. No sex. No children. After the allotted time, they both go their separate ways having gained what they needed from the deal. Simple, right? Not really. After tragedy strikes the newly married couple, Felix is left without his memories, and Ebony can't help but take advantage of the new man who not only wants to share her bed, but her heart, too. Problem is, she's got secrets, and they could very well destroy everything.

Keeping Secrets is by far my favorite Kiru Taye book so far. Hands down, no questions asked. The characters are lively, beautiful in their flaws, and so passionate. In fact, you can feel that heat popping off the pages. You can't blame Ebony for the route she takes when her husband wakes up out of his coma, frankly, because the caring, attentive, good man who comes out of it is exactly the kind of man any woman would be proud to have. He's passionate, loving ... or trying to be. But he knows something is off.

I think what I liked most about this book is how well Ms. Taye keeps even her characters from giving away the twist. A simple slip of a sentence or thought, and that would have done it, honestly. But she wrote it in such a way that those secrets stayed in the dark until the very end, making me rhetorically rip every little thing apart to try and figure out what happened to these two before the accident. I love it when an author can keep me engaged from start to finish like that. Really, it's a feat. And she should be proud of accomplishing that.

There's one secret at the end that kind of gets left hanging, a who done it, sort of thing. Thank you to the author for giving the little snippet of the next in the series and answering that question. That was a great way to do it.

Well done. I look forward to the next in the series!

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