And he knows it, too ...
 I found this on Facebook the other day and snatched it up quick fast. Usually these kinds of picture-quote things flood my timeline so much I simply keep scrolling on, ignoring them. This one wasn't quite the same. I think it applies to everyone, truthfully. Anyone who loves, those in relationships, that sort of thing. But, I think it especially applies to those creative people out there. The writers, the artists, the musicians. All of those souls who sometimes find themselves drowning in another world for whatever reason, because they just can't not do what they do: create. People on the outside often overlook the lovers and spouses behind the authors, artists, and musicians. Our muse is discussed, our processes, and the things inside that give the push and the drive to get it all done. I don't overlook my spouse. Eleven years, two children--three in a couple of short months--and everything else that's stepped in our lives later, he is still my best friend. He is the one person I count on to understand me, my moods, the process of this crazy, time-sucking, life-draining, stressful, rewarding gift that is my writing, because he always has. Never once did he question my ability to do it, he's always encouraged me to continue, even when everything felt like ruins, and I believe he always will. Sure, he complains sometimes. I'm often reminded there are other things besides the words in my head and the characters who won't leave me alone, but that's okay, too. It's a part of us. I wouldn't write if I didn't have him. And he knows it, too.

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