#Edits are done for Spray Paint Kisses - Teaser #ComingSoon #Contemporary #Romance

Yes, I consider edits being done and over with a serious win on everyone's part, but mostly mine. These ones weren't so bad, but still, I get the eye twitch and ick feeling going on every time edits cross my lovely inbox. It isn't so lovely when they are in there.

Nonetheless, they're done. Spray Paint Kisses, a novella due out sometime in August from Evernight Publishing is one step closer to publication.

That makes me happy.

So, a little tease from the story:

“A bite?” she asked softly.

Gage offered the melting ice-cream without a word, watching as she leaned forward and took the bite. That candy mouth of hers closed around the spoon, drawing in his gaze straight to her lips. The way they tightened, and how her smile formed at the coldness sweeping her taste buds.

As Summer released the spoon, Gage finally felt like he could breathe.

“You’ve got something right here,” he said lowly, using his free hand to swipe at the bit of fudge on her bottom lip. When her tongue snaked out to sweep her lip and his thumb, Gage shuddered. “Shit … um—”

“Don’t do that,” Summer interjected calmly.

“Do what?”

“Freak out, Gage. I’m just a girl. Like any girl.”

No she wasn’t. She wasn’t just any fucking girl.

Summer was still talking, though. “Don’t be worried about sending me running or—”

She didn’t need to say anything else. Gage leaned forward and caught her lips in a kiss that shocked him right down to his blood and bones. The way her mouth melded into his, opening to invite him in, the taste of vanilla and chocolate edging around her lips, Gage was lost.

He barely registered her taking the sundae from his grasp to set it down, or the way she pulled him close enough to fist both her hands into his shirt. The only thing he could feel and know was her … The feel of her lips, the stroke of her tongue along his, the way she smelled, and tasted in his mouth.

No, not any other girl.

Gage didn’t care what she said about it.
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