In November, Everything Is Going To Change ... Again
Hi everybody!

*waves from my too hot home*

Summer always gets to me, I'm much more of a winter girl. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but I like the cold a lot more than I like the heat. My sons would disagree, but they're kids, so give them a few years.

Interestingly enough, summer is good for one thing when it comes to me. I always seem to get a heck of a lot more writing done. Probably because the kiddos wear themselves out playing outside all day and sleep in hours later than what they usually would, giving me the extra time I need to write all the words out, but yeah. Summer gives me the chance to write. Thankfully, this summer hasn't been the exception to the rule.

Even so, I'm looking forward to the fall this year for more than just the cool weather. I haven't talked much about this change coming up in my personal life, or even announced it beyond my family and close friends, but I figured now was as good of a time as ever.

I'm expecting my third son mid-November.

Yep, three boys. I can only imagine.

I'm sure that'll mean less time for writing, a lot more noise, and less sleep, but I'm excited nonetheless. My almost five-year-old Rohan and my almost three-year-old Lexan are terribly impatient waiting for their little brother, also.

That's my news. Thanks for reading!

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