Wednesday Tease - Current WIP

So I'm working on my current WIP, another novella length contemporary erotic romance. Again, like my upcoming release, I'm dabbling with a hero I haven't written before. A Navy SEAL ... well, him and his estranged wife.

The divorce rates for SEAL teams are ridiculously high. It was just something that caught my attention while I was doing some random reading/research. While it's not completely hard to understand why people would have a difficult time staying in a relationship and keeping a career like that, I also thought it was quite heartbreaking. I wanted to write a story about one of those men, his estranged wife, and the story of them.

And, so this was born. It's still untitled, but I'm working on that, too.

Now, on to the snippet:

“Like six years wasn’t enough?” he asked darkly. “How much harder do I have to work?”

Cami shrugged in response. It was what it was. There were times in those six years that the days and months dragged, and others when they simply jumped time, like a movie on fast forward. It was only a timeout in their story, that was all. Nothing they couldn’t handle, as long as they were together.

“Yeah, it’d be the same for me,” Cami said, finally answering his earlier question.

“That all you’re going to give me here, doll?”

“Leaving … Carson, leaving you was the hardest thing I ever did. It was the toughest choice I had to make. Maybe it was the wrong one, but at the time, it didn’t feel like that. It felt like it was the only option I had. I thought if I left, then you couldn’t.”

The arms around her waist tightened, confusion seeping into his dark eyes above her. “That doesn’t make sense.”

“Doesn’t it?” Cami felt that invisible weight press her down further, but she refused to be broken under it again. “If I were the one to make the final break, you couldn’t do it to me instead. It didn’t matter how the break would come—divorce, death, whatever—I was so sure it would someday. I didn’t want to be the wife raising children alone, or struggling to keep my head above water. Breaking your heart was so much easier than the thought of you breaking mine, Carson.

“It was selfish and stupid, I know,” Cami whispered.

“Yes, it was,” he replied quietly. “But it’s not a surprise. I was trying so hard to give you all of me, but I kept failing.”

“No, you didn’t. I stopped accepting what you were giving. There’s a difference.”
Thanks for reading!
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