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Sometimes us authors really don't know what we want on a cover. I mean, our attention was so focused on the characters and the story, anything past that is just ... not there, for lack of a better term. I actually find it's very common for me not to know what I want on a cover unless I troll stock photos for hours and hours for inspiration and only then does it start to merge together in my mind what might look nice. Unless I already had a preset scene from the story or a style I wanted put into a visual.

That's not often, either.

So, I always feel badly for sending back a cover sheet for an artist with stupid phrases like, "Keep it simple, no too sexual, not too much nudity (trying to keep with Amazon's vague rules and my own personal preference), lots of colors, something with graffiti, and ... blah blah blah." Really? What does an artist gather from that? Probably not much but a baseline of what they know would be okay. Then they get to go wild.

I'm starting to think some of my favorite covers come from them getting free reign. Not always, but sometimes. :)

Enough of my ramblings, here's the cover for Spray Paint Kisses releasing August 20th from Evernight Publishing.

He’s left his mark everywhere. She’s still trying to find a place to leave hers.

Gage Masselin is a graffiti artist whose life has revolved around his art, and focused entirely on his career. He’s never needed a muse to get his inspiration flowing, so when an unexpected blonde-haired beauty knocks him out of his zone, he knows he’s in trouble.

Summer Davey is just a traveling girl with a gypsy’s soul. The one constant she has is her need to keep moving on. She’s never stayed in one place long enough to plant roots, never mind finding a man with spray paint kissing the tips of his fingers to make her heart beat faster. 

She inspires him. He’s the first thing to ever feel like home.

Sometimes the hardest things to find in love and life are the easiest to lose.
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