Teaser of Current WIP - Filthy Ruin
I'm actually in a sort of self-edit mode for this story, now. That's right ... it's technically finished, but you know ... cut, cut, cut ... add, add, add ... fix, fuck, fuck, fix ...

In the process I try to keep chuckling, because otherwise, I'd want to spoon my eyeballs out with rusty sporks.

I'm not dramatic, I swear.

Anyway, I still haven't worked out a blurb for this crazy story of mine. I'll share when I do. For now, here's a teaser while I edit away ...


The moment the elevator doors opened, Lucian was pushing Jordyn inside the small space. Just as quickly, he turned and hit the button for the doors to close automatically, though the damned things didn’t.

Lucian didn’t even care. He hadn’t noticed anyone behind them.

Jordyn had teased and touched him with her soft hands and sweet mouth all the way back to the hotel. Whispered words in his ear sent desire spiking. Lucian was as hard as a steel rod under his tuxedo pants and it was becoming downright fucking painful.

He was going to find the best relief between the heavens of her thighs.

Lucian backed Jordyn into the corner of the empty elevator, his lips meeting hers punishingly. All over again, he wanted to leave his marks on her body and feel her on his for days afterwards. Being apart, even if it was only for a couple of weeks, had led him into a slow insanity of want. Her tongue slipped into the heat of his mouth, exploding his taste buds with her flavor and causing his cock to grow harder still.

The shower and palm sessions just weren’t fucking getting it done. Lucian needed this.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you so badly,” Lucian muttered against Jordyn’s mouth. “Taste you coming all over my tongue. God, I’ve missed this.”

Jordyn gasped a breathy laugh as his teeth and lips attacked her neck. “Not in here, Lucian.”

“Why not? Let’s give the cameras a show, sweetheart.”

Lucian took the silent glimmer of heated desire in her eyes as her consent. Driving the satiny skirt of her gown upwards, he reveled in the smoothness of her thighs to his palms. With her dress above her knees in his grasp, Jordyn squeaked an embarrassed noise that stopped his motions in their tracks.

It was only then Lucian realized the elevator doors were finally beginning to close.

A glance over his shoulder said someone had slipped in last minute and was standing only feet away, attention fully diverted to the closed doors of the elevator. Lucian huffed an irritated sigh and rested his forehead to Jordyn’s chin, feeling her smile as he dropped her dress back in place.

“Fuck,” he mumbled.

Jordyn giggled. “Patience is a virtue.”

“I’m not a virtuous man,” Lucian replied very quietly. “Not when it comes to you.”

Still, he couldn’t help but think the person’s presence behind him was odd. It was a hotel, a rather busy and well-known one, for that matter. But, that wasn’t really his issue. Frankly, it was late, which meant most guests were either in their rooms, or still enjoying the New York nightlife.

Most people tended to take notice of an engaged couple in an elevator and made an effort to let the doors close and wait for the next one, not wanting to be rude or interrupt.

At least, that’s what Lucian would fucking do.

This hotel sported four elevators. Why in the hell was his so important?

Tossing another scathingly look over his shoulder, something else about their elevator guest caused Lucian to take pause as the machine began to lift. Like Lucian and Jordyn, the man seemed well-dressed in a tuxedo, but the ball cap he also wore was off-putting to the rest of the suit. The guy was keeping his back turned and head down, ensuring his face was hidden from view.

Just like the ball cap would have done for the cameras up above.

No one needed to keep their face hidden unless they didn’t want to be seen.

All over again, like the day he was shot, Lucian was starting to get that creepy fucking feeling. Something wasn’t right. Maybe he didn’t have one hell of an instinct he never noticed before now, but was sure acting up again.

Jordyn didn’t seem to take notice of Lucian’s sudden discomfort, leaning back to the wall with her hands resting to the bar along the back of the elevator wall. Or maybe she just assumed he was tense from being cock blocked.


Her blue eyes turned on Lucian with a heat burning behind the irises. “Hmm?”

“Kiss me.”

“What?” Jordyn whispered, grinning again.

Lucian had the distinct feeling they were stuck in a six-by-six confined space in a bad situation, and while he hoped he was wrong, he probably wasn’t. Elevators only went up and down. They didn’t stop to open on upper floors to pick up others unless those guests had pushed the up button, also. No one in a hotel wanted to go up unless they were going to their room. Chances were, their elevator wouldn’t stop until it reached the top floor. As always, his ever faithful Eagle was at his back, but it would only do so much.

So yeah, Lucian wanted to kiss her.

Lucian didn’t bother to ask Jordyn again, he simply leaned forward and took what he wanted, pinning her to the elevator wall under his hands as his lips claimed hers. Jordyn didn’t shy away from the kiss, instead sighing a quiet moan and granting him access to her mouth. Intense couldn’t adequately describe the way his entire body seemed to tune in to her, the person behind him, and everything else around them.

“Close your eyes,” Lucian murmured lowly. “And no matter what, don’t move. It won’t help.”

The distinct zing of a wire as it uncoiled registered behind him. Lucian knew that sound. It wasn’t the first time he heard it, or used it himself, for that matter.

Jordyn’s brow furrowed as she looked up at him. “What are you talking about?”

“Just close your eyes, and don’t move, sweetheart. Trust me.”

She didn’t need to see this. Whatever it was.

Jordyn’s eyes fluttered close and Lucian pressed one more feather light kiss to her cheek before telling her to stay that way no matter what, and then pulling away.

While Lucian kept his words down to a quiet murmur, too low for the man to hear, he hoped the guy thought all of his attention was on Jordyn. It usually was, but he’d been keeping track of the movements he could hear behind him, too.
The man had stepped back at least a foot from his previous position, and he was slightly turned, now. It was only a millisecond before the guy rotated completely and the wire wrapped tightly around Lucian’s throat, yanking him backwards from the unexpected force.
Uh-oh. Heh.
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