Teaser of WIP Estranged Hearts
Now that I got Filthy Ruin down to paper, I can finally get back to the hero and heroine of Estranged Hearts. I put the story on hold while I finished my other WIP because some characters are just way more demanding than others. Need I say more?

Anyway, Carson and Cami are happy to see me back for a while, getting their story told as well.

Here's a piece of the two meeting again after ... well, years:

Quickly, Cami dropped the drinks off to the waiting table and began to make her way back to the bar. Just as she passed the previous idiots with the big mouths, a hand landed flat on her ass with a reverberating smack. Laughter and insults flew from the crowd. Cami tensed for a fraction of a second before she went to make her own move. She didn’t have a chance.

The dumbass frat boy was flung three body lengths backwards into his flock of friends by the back of his T-shirt. Cami barely recognized the blurred movement of bodies surrounding the man and the idiot as they tumbled to the floor.

Actually, it was more like the one guy simply yanked the frat boy down without any trouble at all. Cami’s gaze was drawn to the guy wearing dark wash jeans that practically hugged his ass and a black T-shirt that gave no qualms about showing off his roped bands of muscle, unable to move.

The dark curls that once donned his head were gone, replaced now by the sharp buzz cut military men were known for. Even from where Cami stood, she could feel the controlled anger and cold demeanor radiating off his frame in waves. His assault on the frat boy stilled everyone around them into statues. Solid smacks of his fist landed one after another.




Like fucking cement hitting wood, there was no give behind the hits, only weight and rage.

Dark and gruff, he spat hatefully under his breath, “You don’t touch what isn’t yours, kid.”

Cami was in shock, frankly. From her toes to her fingers, she felt numb. The last thing she expected was to see that body again, let alone that man.

Finally, reality set it. Cami was behind Carson in seconds, yanking on his T-shirt, but it did absolutely no good. She could feel the heat of his body underneath her palms and it almost felt like her skin was sucking that sensation up like a drug.

How long had it been since she touched him?

Years. Many, many years. Too many to count.

Why had he come here?

As far as Cami knew, Carson was still stationed at the naval base in Little Creek, Virginia. His platoon was a part of Team 2, one of the most respected and valued Naval Special Warfare Groups the SEALs had.

“Stop! My God, Carson, stop it! Please stop!”

He didn’t react a bit to her pleas.

Two bouncers slipped through the crowd gathering around the fight. Cami was knocked back to the floor as if she didn’t weigh a thing, a warning shouted at her from one of the bouncers when she tried to get back up.

If it were any other man fighting on the floor, the bouncers probably could have handled him with ease. But it wasn’t. Carson was a trained machine. A Navy SEAL whose entire life revolved around knowing no pain, feeling no pain, and seeing no pain. They made him that way. Unmoveable, unfeeling. The kind of man who looked at the day as a mission to conquer and then move on to the next, nothing more. Hand to hand combat was as much second nature as his love of football was.

Cami hated she knew those things.

Hated it even more that that’s all she considered as it took another two bouncers to disable her old lover enough to get him under control.

Finally, Cami was looking into Carson’s face. The strong lines of his jaw ticked with blistering anger, his dark brown eyes swimming with the same hate. His body was chiseled with muscle definition and unrestricted power. The short cut of his hair allowed her to see evidence of an old scar along his right eyebrow, one she’d accidentally caused when they were both sixteen and stupid.

“Cami, you okay?” a bouncer asked.

Cami nodded. She felt anything but okay. Lies, that’s what life was made of.

“Let me go,” Carson hissed.

“Carson, stop it,” Cami whispered. “Chill out and they’ll let you go.”

The bouncers around her seemed to still. “You know this guy?”

Of course she did.

“He’s my husband.”
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