Things I'll Never Write ...
As an erotic romance author, I often cross a few boundaries or push my own personal limits when it comes to certain topics or even scenes. There's a line I toe when I start thinking about how far I'm willing to take a couple in a certain book, or what I'm willing to put to paper, even. It balances between personal experience and fiction.

After all, it should feel real.

Different stories require different heat levels. Different characters need less heat because it isn't true to them. I believe good authors know when to tell the difference, and it's always a cringe-worthy moment when you find a book full of erotic scenes that are not true to the story or the characters personalities. Sex can be hot, hot, hot even when it's vanilla but it doesn't have to be forced, so to speak.

Needless to say, there are a few things since starting out on this career of mine that I've found I will not write no matter what. I will not write it just because it's "what readers want" or "what's super hot on the market right now". Those things don't matter to me if I'm not enjoying what I'm writing, or it doesn't feel like my honest ability coming out to play.

Writing has very rarely felt like a job to me, and I refuse to start letting it feel like that now just to make a buck.

So, what are some of these things I just won't write, no matter what? Some might surprise you.

BDSM is one thing I can't do. I do enjoy reading the occasional erotic romance with BDSM elements, but the plot can't focus wholly on the BDSM and I will usually pick up a book with these elements by an author I enjoy before trying out a new one. But for me to write it? That's always going to be a no-go. There is very little I enjoy about the topic, and while I know so many do like it, I do not. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable putting it into my stories. I don't know enough about it to make it feel authentic and real, so it'd be like me passing off forced words as a plot.

M/M is another subject I wouldn't wander too far into. I love to read M/M. Love it. It's just another thing I don't feel like I could make it feel honest or real from me. F/F I would maybe try, under a different penname perhaps. And possibly ... MMF.

MC romances. I don't mind bringing in MC elements. My latest WIP Filthy Ruin has a heroine who is unwillingly affiliated with an MC. I wouldn't, however, write a hero involved with one. Personal experiences keep me far away from that topic. I don't read MC romances, either. It's not a pretty life, so it isn't one I care to delve into.

Labor/birth scenes. It may not fall into the category of genres, like the others above, but it is something I will not write. I think that's personal and private, even if it is fictional. I didn't want mine recorded, photographed, and never mind the thought of a dozen and one people in the room with me while it was happening. It isn't a fear of writing emotional scenes--I think some of the stuff I've written speaks for itself in that element. I simply will not write something that private. Readers have great imaginations, otherwise they wouldn't be reading, so imagine a birth however it pleases you to. Fictional or not, I won't put one to paper.
And the final thing I would never write? A single word: cunt. I hated even typing it out for this blog post, frankly, and felt the need to wash my eyes out with bleach after doing so. To me, that word is degrading. It shouldn't be used in any shape or form. I cringe whenever I read it and try to skip quickly on by. Some people think it works for certain heroes or sex scenes. That's fine. Go on ahead. I will not be jumping on that bandwagon unless one character is spitting it at another for the purpose of what I think it should be used for--degrading someone.

Curious minds want to know ... what won't you write?

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