Wednesday Tease of the new WIP - "It doesn't work that way for me ..."
Filthy Ruin is the first book in a series I'm currently working on .At a little over 80k, I'm nearly finished the first draft of Book One. Lucian, the hero, and Jordyn, the heroine, have had it anything but easy, just let me say. I do love writing them, and I'm excited to start sharing little pieces while I finish it up to give a taste of what it is.

So, here we go:

“You like my jealousy?” Jordyn couldn’t quite get her head wrapped around that. “What?”

Lucian took a step forward, crowding Jordyn against the bookshelf with his bulk, warmth, and fresh scent. She didn’t even try to move away, instead bracing both hands to the shelf behind her. The towel covering his lower half drew in her gaze once more, straight down to his defined rows of abs, and the hard cut V of his groin.

How much of Lucian was it going to take before Jordyn could feel like she was able to breathe again?

“Yes, I like it,” Lucian murmured low. “It’s a flash of heat. Straight in the gut. Instant anger and disbelief. That’s what it feels like, right?”

Jordyn nodded. “Yeah, just like that.”

“Possessiveness in one fell swoop. It’s intense. Takes over everything. It doesn’t have to be rational, or even satisfying. It just is. But, it does mean something good.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a clear sign you consider something, or someone, only yours, sweetheart.”

Lucian leaned forward, grazing his nose along hers before another knowing grin curved his mouth. “Like after the dinner at my parents, how I threatened to cut out Gio’s guest’s eyes if he looked at you one more fucking time. At least my brother thought it was funny.”

Jordyn tried not to let it show how much his words affected her, and failed miserably. “You can’t be doing that.”

“Why not? You’re beautiful, I know. That doesn’t mean I want every other man in this world admiring something that isn’t his. Once is good enough, a second time is asking for trouble. And I am exactly the kind of man who likes a bit of trouble in his life. You’re certainly providing that.”

“You didn’t really hurt him, did you?”

Lucian chuckled deeply, the sound rocking her straight to the core. “No, but I would have if he hadn’t been in the home he was. He didn’t take my threat seriously. I always follow through. Every single time.”

Something wicked and tantalizing teased Jordyn. Lucian was right, she liked his jealousy, even if it didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Two fingers slipped under her chin, drawing her gaze up to his. Lucian’s other hand came to rest on her thigh, his fingers digging rough and good into her flesh, waking her desire up all over again. “Don’t be jealous, Jordyn.”

“Because I don’t need to, or because you’re not mine?” she asked quietly.

“Because I haven’t seen that girl in a decade. But I am looking at you every day.”

“The same could be said for you, then.”

Lucian laughed roguishly. “Sorry, sweetheart, but it doesn’t work that way for me. When it comes to you, it probably never will.”

Thanks for reading!
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