#Teaser of The Score (The Russian Guns Book 3) - "Always good ..."
As The Score is scheduled to release in less than a month--I can't believe it's almost here already--I thought every week I would share a different teaser from several spots in the novel to show the many different facets of the story as it finally comes to an end with this couple. In a good way, of course.

This week, I'm sharing a bit of Anton and his 2 and a half year old son ... because how can you go wrong with Daddy Anton? I mean, really?

Enjoy ...



*Please Note: The Score is not a standalone title. The first books in the Russian Guns series (The Arrangement, followed by The Life) should be read first*

In the mess of love and life, nothing and no one is left untouched.

After everything the Russian mob boss Anton Avdonin has done to keep his family safe from the dangers of the world surrounding them, he never thought it would come down to this. The officials are knocking, the charges are piling, his wife is hurting, and they’re facing a fate he never thought to consider. He didn’t just make one mistake … no, he made many. It’s time to answer for them all.

Viviana “Vine” Avdonin is stuck watching the life she adores crumble around her. Bad decisions have led to terrible consequences in more ways than one. She doesn’t have time to recover from one devastating tragedy that leaves her shattered before the next one is crushing down, too. Saving her husband from a life sentence might be the easiest thing she has to do when her own misdeeds are staring her in the face.

Together, Anton and Viviana have survived more than once, but this path will be by far, the hardest they’ve ever walked. Sometimes they have to walk it alone … because forgiveness isn’t always black and white and love can be blurred by pain. With the blissful ignorance gone and the blinders removed, how much of themselves will they have to sacrifice to come out on top one last time?

When everyone has a score to settle, it’s hard to notice the person causing the most heartache is the one staring back in the mirror.

Final installment to The Russian Guns
Sequel to The Life
Expected Publication: October 27th, 2014

Quietly, Anton slipped down the space to listen to the quiet murmurs coming from the bedroom.

“Shh, it’s sleep time, Demyan,” he heard Viviana whisper.

“But, Ma—”

“Papa will be home soon, and then he’ll read you the train story. Sound good?”

At least his wife didn’t sound too angry. That boded well for him.

Anton pushed the door open with a grin, peeking in to wink at his instantly alert son. It never failed to surprise Anton how much Demyan looked like him. From the blue of his eyes to the black of his hair. Even the quirks and mannerisms of his child seemed to come directly from him.

And he loved it.


Their German shepherd Rocco barely reacted, but for the quiet thumps of his tail hitting the wood floors.

“The train story, huh?” Anton asked, stepping into the bedroom.

“Please?” Demyan pleaded.

With a sigh, Viviana moved from the bed. Anton couldn’t help but notice she was fully dressed and ready for bed herself.

“He’s up a bit late,” Anton noted to his wife as she passed.

“His father missed his bedtime. This usually happens, Anton.”

Ouch. “I’m sorry, baby. Stuff came up and—”

“Later,” Viviana said before leaving the room.

Focusing his attention on his son instead of the bitter bite his wife’s tone held, Anton crawled into the small single bed. Instantly, Demyan seemed calmer, happier.

“Were you giving Ma a hard time?” Anton asked as he grabbed the book off the small bed stand.

Demyan shook his head with wide eyes. “No way, Papa. I is always good for Ma.”

Anton held back the snort of disbelief that his young son wouldn’t understand. Always good was a bit of a stretch for Demyan. The child was a hell raiser in more ways than one. He gave his parents a run for their money, and that attitude of his made a daily appearance.

“Demyan,” Anton warned. “If you’re lying to me …”

Twinkling, tired blue eyes stared up at Anton with familiar mischief. It was clear he wasn’t going to get anything from his son tonight, but they’d definitely be having a chat about his nighttime behaviour in the morning.

“Let’s read your story, little man.”

Demyan grinned into his blanket, satisfied. “Okay.”
Spotlight on Seduced by the Daredevil by @JorjaLovett #Contemporary #Medical @Evernightpub

Seduced by the Daredevil – Jorja Lovett
Release: September 4th, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Medical
Length: 155 pages, estimated


Sparks fly when 'Miss Stuffy Knickers' Andrea Bolan meets her match in daredevil Matt King. There's nothing quite like a passionate kiss to motivate a girl to jump off a building in the name of charity. With her inhibitions left far behind she begins to see the benefits of no-strings fun and sets her sights on her sexy abseiling instructor, but things don't go exactly to plan. 

Adrenaline junkie Matt fights his demons by living his life on the edge and an uptight dietitian definitely isn't his usual type. But, when they're thrown together at work there's no denying the chemistry. Lust is easy for him to deal with, but he doesn't do commitment. 

A sizzling affair catches them both by surprise but if they're not careful their pasts might just cost them any chance of future happiness. 



Matt was eternally grateful he had bought the apartment close by, overlooking the River Lagan. He had enough trouble keeping his hands off Andrea for the duration of the five-minute journey. Small talk with a driver in no obvious hurry was the last thing he wanted, with seduction on his mind. He held it together until they pulled up outside the apartment block.

"Cheers, mate." He threw a few notes through the window and pulled a giggling Andrea from the passenger seat.

Lust fuelled their journey and they half-ran to the entrance of the exclusive new complex. The few steps leading to his front door were taken in such a frenzied rush to reach their destination that Andrea stumbled on those impossibly high heels.

"Are you okay?" On autopilot, he knelt down to her crumpled position on the step and carefully removed her shoe to check for any swelling.

"I'm fine." She giggled again and held up the broken heel of her shoe.

"Thank goodness that's the only casualty," he said, and swept her, and the broken stiletto, up into his arms to carry her the rest of the way. With one hand fiddling with the lock and the other cradling Andrea close to him, who said men couldn't multitask?

Once inside, he set her back onto her feet and closed the door shut with the force of his body pinning hers against it. He wanted her naked, and that damn sweater which had teased him all day needed to go. Andrea didn't resist when he lifted it to reveal the bounty beneath, but tugged at his T-shirt in response until pressing his naked skin to hers became as necessary as breathing. He impatiently hiked her top higher to strip her completely of it.

"Hold on a sec." Andrea's muffled voice came from the tangle of blue wool wedged around her head. He yanked until her head popped free, leaving that once-silky hair a veritable bird's nest.

"That's better," she said. "Now you."

He broke contact to get rid of the barrier, and those few seconds let him drink in the sight of her. In a white bra and jeans, hair mussed, and lips swollen from his tending, she was a far cry from the priss-miss he'd first encountered.

Man, what a turn-on.

The rapid rise and fall of her chest mesmerized him, but restrictive cotton denied him the full effect of her voluptuous cleavage. Eager to free her from all conservative binds, his fingers sought to unhook the fastening of her bra. A well-rehearsed tug and flick failed to open the catch, and he distracted her with a passionate kiss while he worked on it. First with one hand, then with two, he pushed and pulled to no avail.

Finally, he had to admit defeat. "I can't get this bloody thing open, Andie."

Resisting the urge to rip it off, Matt waited while she reached to undo it herself. She whipped her underwear off to release her pert breasts into view, and slung it in his direction. The bra catapulted directly into his face, the tail end popping him in the eye. Instinctively he clutched his eye and stifled a verbal wince.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Through a watery haze, he saw her hand fly to her mouth in horror.

"Don't worry, Andie. It's not your fault." He tried to blink back the watery sting to ease her guilt, but full apology mode had already kicked in.

"That was a stupid thing to do. I don't know what I was thinking."

His one good eye saw her bend to retrieve the makeshift weapon. She stood up and accidentally head-butted him between the legs, his groin suffering the next hit. His tongue nearly didn't make it either, he bit it so hard to stop from crying out. The crippling agony doubled him in two and he fought to breathe through it. When, oh when, had his tried and tested methods of seduction turned into a comedy of errors?

"Why don't we take this somewhere safer? Like the bedroom?" he asked in shallow bursts amid ragged breaths.

Andrea placed a self-conscious arm across her chest and limped to his bedroom, one foot shoeless and the other wobbling on a stiletto. He followed when the ache down below receded enough to allow movement.


Author Links: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Website
Nearing The End ...
The post isn't as nearly as foreboding as the title may seem, I promise. Well, not for the reader, anyway.

It's not often I blog about my personal life or give updates in that regard, but this is a special case. Today marks the almost 33rd week of my third pregnancy. That means I'm only 7-8 weeks away from the birth of my third son. I suppose I could write something funny about messy houses and rowdy kids for the next eighteen years of my life, but I'd rather not. I think it goes without saying, honestly.

My writing life and family life usually become a well balanced act. More like a work horse that knows exactly what it has to do, but is never given nearly enough hours in the day to do it. I used to wonder if not being able to make a permanent daily word count (or page count) goal like we authors are so often told to do ("If you want to be professional, you must treat it as a job.") made me a failure in some way. Because sure, by the end of the week, I had a ton of writing done, but that didn't mean I was able to do it daily for an allotted time period successfully. I don't think it does make me a failure, now.

I was once told that if I wanted to be a successful writer and continue in this career, I needed to, "Spend more time learning the craft." It was also mentioned I should take part in online courses, perhaps some seminars on how-to do whatever.

Right ...

*tries to stare over my hugely pregnant stomach at the nearly five-year-old and nearly three-year-old crawling under my legs as I type this very sentence while they scream at the top of their lungs*

Whoever made up the term "terrible twos" should be shot, FYI. It doesn't end at two for those that were hoping.

I'm certainly not perfect. I don't have all the skills imaginable, never mind knowing every inch and facet of this business that I should. Obviously. Every step is a journey, and every new thing is a learning curve for me, one I enjoying excelling, and sometimes failing, at. Sitting for hours (on the off chance I get any privacy or time alone to be able to actually participate in something like I mentioned above) doesn't ring my bells or start my engine. Not that it makes a difference, but it also isn't how I learn. Seems like a giant waste of what precious time I may have to get myself somewhere in this game, doesn't it?

Maybe that just makes me sound damn ungrateful, too. Walk a mile, you know.

As I near the end of this pregnancy, I know I'm going to have even less time to participate in what things I manage to, and even less time to write and fail at those "daily goals". Frankly, I already am. This pregnancy, my like my previous two, has been anything but easy. I was put off work earlier than I liked due to complications. I've suffered from repeated UTI and kidney infections and have recently fought with kidney stones, just to make everything that much more fun. I should technically be on bed-rest, but with a house to take care of, hubby who works a fulltime night job, and two young sons full of nothing but piss and vinegar, just the word best-rest is a fucking joke. I don't have the time to be sitting around doing nothing, unfortunately.

So, some time in the near future it may seem as though I've dropped off the radar other than the occasional blog post from me personally or update on my Facebook fan page. I'm still here, I promise. I just have things that need to be taken care of first in my daily life, like any other mom and person. Because even if writing was my fulltime job, I'd still have to take steps away occasionally to deal with the priorities that should and do come first.

Needless to say, The Score (The final installment to Viviana and Anton's story, coming late October) will be the last novel I publish this year. Expect to see something new from me in January, though.

See you soon ...

Blog Tour and Review: Making Scandal by @KiruTaye

Making Scandal by +Kiru Taye, Author 
The Essien Trilogy, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural

Sassy, successful Faith Brown has earned her place in the boardroom through hard work and sheer ambition. Making family is not on her agenda when there are businesses to develop and competitors to outdo. So when a casual affair with smooth and irresistible tycoon Mark Essien leads to an unplanned pregnancy, she’s determined not to make the mistakes her mother made by living with a man just for the sake of her child.

For Mark, personal matters have no place in the boardroom. Spotting the perfect opportunity, he ruthlessly launches a takeover bid for Faith’s Investment
Brokerage firm. Finding out he’ll soon be a father, he knows he can’t let the indomitable and sexy Faith go through with her plans of single parenthood. All gloves are off. He’ll seduce her by any tactic necessary if it means his child doesn’t suffer the same stigma he did as a child.
With the media dogging their affairs in the boardroom and the bedroom, they find that making family is harder than making scandal.




Faith's cheeks heated and she half-laughed, half-coughed in a self-conscious manner. Her body still tingled as if it finally woke up from a long sleep. A really long sleep.
"Of course, I wasn’t expecting that finally getting you to loosen up will get me so out of control I was going to explode within seconds like a teenager."
How could he say that or even expect her to believe it? In the past year, he hadn’t exactly been lonely. Unlike her. He shouldn’t pretend this was more than it was. Sex. Lust.
That’s all they had.
She rolled over, trying to cover herself up in a semblance of decency. The thought of him with
other women had her heart clenching tightly.
"If I believe that, I’ll believe anything." She pulled herself up and away from him. "You forget that your pictures have been splashed over the papers with different women hanging on your arms this past year."
The mattress depressed as he sat on the edge. Tendrils of his heat curled around her. Breathing saturated her lungs with his spice. Need bubbled in her veins. She closed her eyes, hating the tightness in her chest.
Remember, this is just sex. It doesn’t matter how many women he’s been with this past year. Bullshit. Her hands clenched into fists, tightening on the seams of her clothes.
"Yes, I’ve attended events with women all because you refuse to be seen publicly with me. I would rather have had you as my escort on those occasions."
Fingers, steel bands, wrapped around her ankles and tugged. Eyes flying open, she gulped in air and slid down the bed on her back until her legs straddled his hips. One by one, he removed her shoes and massaged her bare feet. His fingers worked blissful magic. She purred, to her dismay.
"But I haven’t had sex with another woman since I met you at that conference in Jo’burg."

Bethany-Kris' Review of Making Scandal
****Four Stars****

Faith Brown is one hell of a woman in the boardroom. It's only one of the qualities about her that happens to catch Mark Essien's eye. It's too bad their financial firms happen to be competing businesses, because they'd make a heck of a team. When a passionate, private affair between the two leads to an unplanned pregnancy, Faith's stubbornness comes into play, and Mark's old scars rear their heads. Everybody knows scandal spreads like wildfire. Can these two learn communication goes beyond just the bedroom and boardroom before it's too late?

I adored Felix and Ebony's story in Keeping Secrets, so I eagerly dived into Making Scandal, ready and impatient to read the second Essien brother's love story. Boy, Kiru Taye does not disappoint. Faith is a strong character, and some will love her, while some will feel their nerves snapping because of her. Frankly, that's a testament to the author's ability to accurately catch the true nature, attitude, and character of a woman like Faith. It isn't easy to be a business woman in a man's world wearing skirts and heels, making sure you're being paid attention to for your work and intelligence, not just your sex and gender. She is fierce and independent. Sometimes it comes off as her being completely stubborn, but that's fine, too. She's allowed to be.

Mark Essien, on the other hand, finds his match, in just about every aspect of his life, in Faith. Mark is the kind of hero you can't help but adore. He's passionate and absolutely does not give up when it comes to getting exactly what--or who, in this case--he wants. Romantic at all times, sexy, and even a little humorous at times, he is a great package all rolled into one. And good for him when it came to working on getting Faith, because the man just didn't give up, no matter how many times she dogged him around. A lesser man would have cut his loses.

Making Scandal is listed as erotic romance, but I found it more sensual. It's definitely got the heat, and the character's sizzle on the pages. It takes a while for the two main characters to get together, but given the history of each of them and Faith's opinion on men and relationships, it really works well for the story. Ms. Taye has once again put out a great novel for readers to devour and enjoy. Her heroine could make any woman green with envy and wanting to be more like her, and her hero is far more than swoon worthy. Pick up a copy and give it a shot. And if you haven't read Keeping Secrets yet, either, get on that one as well.

You reach Kiru via her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest
Follow her blog for latest news and giveaways: http://kirutayewrites.blogspot.com
Read book excerpts and free short stories on her website: http://www.kirutaye.com
Link to her Amazon author page

Kiru is running a contest during the book tour. She is giving away a $20 Gift card, one Making Scandal T-Shirt, one Essien Trilogy cap and a signed copy of A Valentine Challenge. For your chance to win, complete the rafflecopter entries. This contest is open internationally to eligible entrants over 18 years or as applicable in their country of residence.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Keeping Secrets is 99cents /77pence for a limited time only

Have you ever loved someone and
didn’t even know it?

That’s the dilemma facing Felix Essien when he wakes from a coma to find he is married to the most beautiful and sensual woman he’s ever known. He cannot remember her or their wedding. He who had sworn never to get married or to give his heart to another. Yet he feels an intense bond with her that he intends to explore fully.

Ebony can’t believe her good fortune when her paper husband wakes not remembering the temporary marriage arrangement with no intimacies he’d proposed but is now the adoring husband she’s always dreamt of. She plans to make the most of the passion blossoming between them. However would he still feel that way when he regains his memory and realises she’s been keeping secrets and their marriage is not what he thinks it is.


Blog Tour: Spotlight and Review: Seduction - One Fortune at a Time #Sexy #Romance
Book Title:  Seduction
Sub-title:  One fortune at a time
Release date:  2nd September
Genre: Sexy romance (light erotic

Seven steamy novellas from seven acclaimed romance authors, guaranteed to bring good fortune (or at least a hot read) to any romance fan. There's a seduction for everyone in this collection of never-before published stories that range from sensual to erotic—all for one seductive price!

Temptation Returns by Lisa Carlisle  Antonio returns from the Marine Corps and runs into the woman he never forgot at a rock club. Lina can't believe Antonio is back in town, right before her wedding. Can she resist temptation in the form of a dark-haired Italian Marine?

Love Charm for Fiona by Carly Carson  When Fiona receives a fortune teller's love charm, she casts the spell to bring her dead fiancé back to life. But a love charm has its own magic, and what she gets is a surprise in the form of a SEAL on "shore leave."

Fear Of Flying by Leigh Court – Book publicist Jessie Jordan is deathly afraid of flying, which prompts travel writer Regan Quade to come up with a highly imaginative (and intimate!) way to calm her anxiety. Thrown together on a two-week book tour, the result just might be a bestseller!

Hearts on Fire by Roz Lee – They’ve been burned before, but desire will rekindle the flames of love in this sensual and heart wrenching story of redemption and second chances.

Heart's Destiny by Jennifer Lynne – Eve Perroniʼs quest to find her past leaves no time for love, until a chance prediction leads to the seductive Ky Ransom and a destiny that could make—or break—both their hearts.

Moonlit Seduction by Anne Kane – Winston is a mutt with a mission - to convince Natalie that her fortune lies in surrendering to the seductive Jacob McKinley.

Hidden Fortune by Laura Sheehan – Ava has always played it safe, but after a midnight run-in with a handsome stranger, she discovers that perhaps fortune favors the bold. Can she find the courage to seek the ultimate treasure?

Bethany-Kris' Review of Seduction: One Fortune at a Time
 ****Four Stars****
Seduction: One Fortune at a Time features seven novellas all ranging in heat level from sensual, to steamy, to erotic. From military men, to wandering heroines and a book publicist, to even a bit of treasure hunting, there's something for everyone in this bundle from seven different authors. All together, the bundle's length easily takes the form of two full length novels, so if you pick it up, be prepared to be sitting for a while, because you might not be able to put it down.
What I enjoy most about bundles like these is the selection of stories. Not every single one is going to be a hit for the reader, and like with any book(s), you're going to find a few favorites in the bunch and some that are just okay. For me, my favorites in this particular bundle found home with the first three stories. Definitely all five stars, and worthy of them.
Temptation Returns by Lisa Carlisle: Antonio, a marine, and Lina, a college student. These two have a past and history that lights up the pages from the start. Some might find the heroine's choices are a little ... difficult to swallow ... I didn't mind a bit.
Love Charm for Fiona by Carly Carson: Fiona is an artist trying to make a place in the art world, but barely managing to keep her head above emotional waters after the death of her fiancé. Jack, a SEAL on leave, just might be the man to give her the happy ever after she deserves.
Fear of Flying by Leigh Court: Jessie Jordan, book publicist and terrified flyer is stuck on a book tour with Regan Quade who thoroughly believes the last thing he needs is a babysitter keeping him on track and time. This story was probably one the hottest in the bunch, and I very much enjoyed it because of how well written the scenes were. The ending I was not expecting, but it was great all the same.
While I read every story in the bundle, these were the three I enjoyed the most and stuck with me so I wanted to give them a bit of spotlight. All in all, the bundle is a hot read, all giving the main characters a little bit of fate thrown in with their day to day lives by way of a fortune. Pick up a copy, it's well worth its price, and find your favorites in the bunch.


PG-rated excerpt from HIDDEN FORTUNE by Laura Sheehan:
Blurb -

Ava has always played it safe, but after a midnight run-in with a sexy stranger, she discovers that perhaps fortune favors the bold. Can she find the courage to seek the ultimate treasure?

Excerpt -

Ava watched as Mitch departed, half-relieved and half-regretful. She was so in over her head. When he’d kissed her, she’d just about lost it.

She had no idea it could be like that. The very best sex she’d ever had couldn’t even compare to the kiss she’d just experienced. And that was just a kiss! She’d been so flustered, she wasn’t even sure what she’d said. Apparently she’d said something about emailing him?

Just then, her phone rang. Pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, she saw that it was Jessica, probably calling to check in on her. If she ignored it, Jessica might take her earlier message seriously and send the cops over. But she was in no state of mind to have a conversation with Jess right now.

Having no choice, she answered the call. “Hey, Jess, I’m fine, everything is just fine, I’m about to head home, and everything is fine.”

There was a long pause before Jessica responded. “Oh my god, you slept with him didn’t you?”

“What?! No!”

“Something happened, I can hear it in your voice. Oh, this is just fabulous! Tell me everything. Is he there right now?”

“He went to the bedroom,” Ava stammered.

There was a loud squeal, and Ava had to pull the phone from her ear. “No, it’s not like that,” she insisted.

“Well, then tell me. What is it like? Is he hot? Did you guys kiss? Make out? Get to third base?”

Ava glanced nervously toward the bedroom, worried Mitch would come out and overhear them. She whispered quickly into the phone, “He’s totally gorgeous, way out of my league, and yes we kissed, but then he stopped, and I’m glad he did because I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m freaking out.
It was very exciting and all, but I’m getting the hell out of here before anything else happens.”

Jessica was silent again, this time for so long that Ava checked her phone display to see if she’d lost the connection. Finally, she heard her friend’s voice.

“And then what?”

“What do you mean?” Ava asked, genuinely confused.

“After you run away with your tail between your legs, what then?”

“Then… nothing. I don’t know. He doesn’t seem like the relationship type, so I doubt I’ll see him again after tonight.”

“How would you know? You barely know him.”

“Exactly,” Ava agreed, glad that Jessica could see if from her point of view.

Jessica sighed. “What I meant is that you’re running away again. You aren’t even giving this guy a chance.”

Ava was about to interrupt, but Jessica wouldn’t let her.

“No, listen to me. The way I see it you have three options. One, you can run away like you always do and regret it for the rest of your life. Two, you can get this guy’s number and then actually call him. And you can’t chicken out, Ava. You have to actually call him and set up another date and get to know the guy. And then, when you finally get comfortable with him, you guys can have wild monkey sex.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake… what’s my third option?”

“Glad you asked,” Jessica said, and Ava could hear the smile in her voice as she responded. “The third option is a lot like the second option, except you skip directly to the end part.”

“What, just sleep with him?”

“No, have wild monkey sex with him.”

“That’s insane.”

“No, it’s not,” Jessica insisted. “It can be incredibly liberating, not to mention satisfying. You deserve to let your hair down and go a little wild for once in your life. And it’s not like you’re being totally
stupid, I know you’re on the pill, and use a condom, of course. But really, it’s just sex. What do you have to lose?”

Just then, Mitch came back into the living room, still shirtless, carrying a small, white card. The lamplight seemed to glow on his dark skin, and emphasized the sharp features of his face with shadows, reminding her again of a predator stalking its prey.

For a moment, she imagined surrendering herself to him, submitting to his overwhelming masculinity. She wanted to feel deliciously feminine and awash with passion like she had just a few minutes ago, but this time, she didn’t want to zone out. She wanted to enjoy every second of it, to roll around in the tangible sensations like a cat.

“Ava, are you still there?”

“I gotta go,” Ava answered, her voice husky.

“He’s back, isn’t he? Go for door number three! Wild monkey sex!”

“Yeah,” Ava answered back before disconnecting the call, unsure if she was placating her or agreeing with her.

Adult-rated excerpt from HEART'S DESTINY by Jennifer Lynne:
Blurb -

Eve Perroni's quest to find her past leaves no time for love, until a chance prediction leads to the seductive Ky Ransom and a destiny that could make—or break—both their hearts.

Excerpt -

Waves of sensation kept washing through her body. She couldn't stop shaking, especially when he stood, grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted her up in the air, and then straight down onto his waiting
cock. There was no finesse. No delicate prodding to ensure the breach was gentle. No chance to change her mind. He was big, and she was out of practice, but the force of his thrust as well as their combined sex fluids aided his entry. Her eyes widened and she clutched at his shoulders to maintain balance.
His guttural groan, and the pressure of his organ rooted so deep inside her, ignited little flames within her womb. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and hooked her ankles together behind his back.
Don't think. Just feel.
He took a step forward and lay her on the table top, their bodies still joined. When he bent to kiss her, she could taste her own fluids on his lips and tongue. It mingled with his flavor to create a heady aphrodisiac that ramped up her need ten-fold. She sucked in his tongue, forcing it deep in a parody of what they were already doing. He moaned down in his throat with a vulnerable sound that she swallowed into oblivion.
The thrust when he fucked her was harder than she'd ever felt, and she broke off the kiss to release her own pent-up moans. "Ky." She couldn't say anything beyond his name. There was so much going on, not only physically but in her mind and her soul. It's too much. All she could do was go with this moment, let him fuck her, until there was nothing left but this gorgeous creature hammering into her body with a force that rasped the flesh of her back along the wooden table. Pain. Pleasure. Up and down. Over and over.
Pounding. Grunting. Groaning.
"Oh my God, Eve." He was shuddering, she could feel it in his limbs. His eyes were so dark with hunger they were close to black. His hands clamped around her wrists and imprisoned her arms somewhere above her head. "You're incredible."
"I'm just…" She could hardly get the words out. "Lying here."
"But so fucking sexy, spread out over the table." He pounded again and she dug her heels into his ass
cheeks, trying to force him deeper still. "I can smell your need. I can see it in your face."
Their combined scent was wafting around them. "I can smell it, too." She wanted to touch him, to explore the straining muscles of his body as he continued to move, but he wouldn't let go of her wrists. She groaned and fisted her hands. "Let me…I can't…oh please, help me forget, Ky. I don't want to feel anything except you."
It was like someone else had taken over her body and was encouraging her to do and say things that were not of her own free will. Part of her stayed separate from the raging need, watching with a sense of dismay as she gave up her body to his. Not him. Not here, and not like this.


One year here ...
*gets out the confetti and wine (that I can't drink but I'll settle for chocolate instead) and starts the party*

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of being published. Since September of last year, I've had five novels published through two publishers and have self-published one novel, with my second self-published title coming at the end of next month. That marks seven books total. Five full-length novels, and two novella/short stories.

To say I am proud of being able to do this while holding down a fulltime job, managing my household, raising two children (three if you want to include my spouse who is sometimes like a large, young child), and also going through my third pregnancy for the latter part of the year, is an understatement.

I've certainly learned a lot since my first story came out, but that's another post for another time. I simply wanted to mark this private and personal accomplished goal of mine with a post to remember it by.

Yay for me!

Cover Reveal: Love's Home by Iyana Jenna #shortstory collection #GLBT


Sometimes you need to have a break, to get away somewhere, but in the end you always return to a place you call home. The saying goes ‘home is where the heart is.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, pretty or shabby, what matters is it’s your Love’s Home.

This anthology includes five short stories and novellas of gay contemporary romance. A homeless PA found a home in an actor’s life. An abduction almost stole a man from his loving boyfriend. A love triangle nearly ruined everything. A sex slave got saved. A young man learned new things in his
newly-found home after he lost everything.

Contains the stories:
A Home for Jesse
A Single Black Rose
Will and Pleasure
Ya Like That?

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About the Author:

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has five of them. Their names are Larva, Nyil, Cil,
Betsy, and Horus. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.

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Spotlight on First Bite by Tamsin Baker
First Bite

MMF Regency Novella by Tamsin Baker


Can two possessive and passionate vampire's make a relationship work with the one human they are both destined to love?

Benedict’s boring existence as a London gentleman is called into question the night he meets Lina, the madame of a local brothel. Under her dominance he finds pleasure so sweet he is hungry for more, but he is not the only one with an appetite to fill.

Lina entices the beautiful Benedict into her dungeon only to discover that he is her blood mate. Fear fills her as she enters the unknown, yet the lure of perfect bliss is too much.

Antony, Lina’s long time friend and lover finds Lina and Benedict and cannot help joining in the sexual bliss. Disaster strikes for the tortured hero when he too learns he is Benedict’s blood mate. He must face a past that still devastates him and find a way to make their ménage work.



Lina opened her door and gestured for them to enter. Benedict stepped through the opening first, his breath hitching as he descended all fifty-seven steps. He counted this time.

He began to undress, unwilling to look at what the other two were doing and letting the fear get the better of him. Despite knowing they would smell it on him, it wasn’t controllable.

Once he was completely naked, he faced them to find them still watching him. His body was shaking despite the heat of the room but he refused to run. Not that he’d get anywhere. Instead, he bit his lip and stood in front of them, his cock erect and ready for their attention.

Lina pointed to a wooden cross that stood in one corner of the room.

“Up on the cross, my pet. Antony, help him.”

Before he could move, the big male vampire picked Benedict up around the waist, his hands cool and smooth. Benedict had to stifle the groan that rose when the vampire deliberately rubbed against his aching erection while placing him on the cross, his back against the wood. The beautiful vampire smiled as he tied Benedict’s wrists and feet in fast, sure motions.

Benedict’s heart was galloping in his chest. He was tied once again, completely helpless. With Antony so close, he could appreciate the thickness of his lips, the smoothness of his skin. He ached for Antony to touch him again, to have the big vampire kiss him. But the fear of the unknown stopped him from saying his desire out loud.

Lina appeared in front of him, smiling with lust clear in her blue eyes.

“You want his mouth, my pet?”

How had she known exactly what he had been thinking?

He swallowed hard, still unable to admit to such a thing out loud. “Lina, you’re in charge down here.”

As soon as the words were out, he regretted them. Benedict heard how two men fucked and he couldn’t do that. She wouldn’t make him, would she?

“Strip, Antony.”

The big vampire was naked by the time Benedict finished blinking.

His huge, muscled body was incredible to see, the color of burnished copper and bulging with muscle. His cock was much bigger than Benedict’s, curving upward too.

Benedict gasped. He couldn’t handle something that big. What would he even do with it?

Lina chuckled and spoke directly into his ear.

“Do not fear, my lover, he will not hurt you. I promise.”

Benedict exhaled, relief swamping him. He should have known Lina would protect him. There was no need to fear.

His Lina picked up her crop and pointed at the male vampire with it.

“Suck on him until he comes, Antony.”

Benedict gasped loudly, pulling on his restraints. He couldn’t have that. His secret desires were not meant to be fulfilled.

“No, Lina. Don’t make him. I don’t want it.”

She smiled, the evil Domme returning.

“You wanted his mouth, my pet, now feel him.”

As Antony sunk to his knees, Benedict turned his head away, closing his eyes so he couldn’t see what was about to happen.


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Author Bio:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who just discovered erotic romance ten months ago. Before that, she would read sexy romance, skipping the plot and looking for the all the naughty bits. Since then, she has written erotic romance and erotica novels of varying length and has had thirty published (so far!). She absolutely loves reading and writing! She has two other jobs, including kids and a hubby too – but writing is a passion that she has to indulge for fear of insanity. M/M is a passion of hers so even when she writes ménage, there is always an M/M story. She particularly enjoys writing female dommes, but she loves experimenting in all genres. Tamsin is learning to write and read more one step at a time. Soon, she’ll have stories published in every sub-genre of erotic romance – well that’s her aim anyway!


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