#Teaser of The Score (The Russian Guns, Book Three)
So, this is the second teaser of The Score (The Russian Guns, Book Three) releasing October 27th that I'm offering up. It's a little warmer, but not quite so hot. We'll get there. *winks*


While the server began cleaning off the table one final time, Viviana pulled out her cell phone for the third time.

Anton’s sigh was loaded. “I swear to God, if you’re calling about Demyan again, Vine.”

Guiltily, the phone was slid back under the table. “I am not.”

“He’s fine, baby, I promise. If anything, he’s giving Mom a good reminder of what I was like at that age. Like a blast from the past.”

“She already dealt with you once. I imagine it was enough.”

Anton grinned salaciously. “And I’m your problem now, huh?”

“Sasha knows I manage you just fine, Anton.”

“Manage me?”

“Controls. Wears the pants. Rules the roost. What do you want to call it?” she shot back. “Or dare I ask your opinion?”

Yeah, Anton knew what battles to pick. This wasn’t one of them. “No, I think we both know you’re the only queen ruling me, Vine.”

Viviana patted his cheek. “Damn right. So, are you going to let me open the mysterious box, or what?”

Anton chuckled lowly. He knew that was bothering her. “Not yet.”

“I know you’re only doing this to torture me, Anton.”

“No, I’m doing it because you don’t need the gift, yet.”

Viviana’s eyes narrowed in curiosity, but she said nothing. Instead, her hand wandered over to his leg under the table as she plucked up the wine glass from the table with her free hand. While taking a sip of the red liquid, her hand slid higher up the inside of his thigh. Anton responded to the suggestive touch by sliding his hand higher under her dress until the heat between her thighs was dancing along his fingertips. Those stockings she wore had nothing on the lace he could feel covering her sex.

Viviana squeaked into her glass when he stroked her through her panties. “Anton!”

“You started it,” he murmured.

“Well, stop it. I wasn’t doing anything.”

Sure. That’s why her hand was still attached to his thigh, so close to his groin Anton’s cock was beginning to twitch to life under his dress pants. If Viviana moved her hand a millimetre, she’d feel exactly what she was doing.

“Tease,” Anton said under his breath, squeezing her warm thigh again.

“Remove your hand, Anton.”

Anton did, but he smirked all the while. “No problem, baby. Besides, it’s too early for you to be screaming my name, and I’d hate to scar the poor staff with the things I’d like to do to you.”

The red blush that stained Viviana’s cheeks was pretty close in color to the wine in her glass. Her hand on his thigh jerked away, embarrassment coloring up the noise she made under her breath.

Battle won, Anton thought smugly.
    It was all about picking the right ones.


*Please Note: The Score is not a standalone title. The first books in the Russian Guns series (The Arrangement, followed by The Life) should be read first*

In the mess of love and life, nothing and no one is left untouched.

After everything the Russian mob boss Anton Avdonin has done to keep his family safe from the dangers of the world surrounding them, he never thought it would come down to this. The officials are knocking, the charges are piling, his wife is hurting, and they’re facing a fate he never thought to consider. He didn’t just make one mistake … no, he made many. It’s time to answer for them all.

Viviana “Vine” Avdonin is stuck watching the life she adores crumble around her. Bad decisions have led to terrible consequences in more ways than one. She doesn’t have time to recover from one devastating tragedy that leaves her shattered before the next one is crushing down, too. Saving her husband from a life sentence might be the easiest thing she has to do when her own misdeeds are staring her in the face.

Together, Anton and Viviana have survived more than once, but this path will be by far, the hardest they’ve ever walked. Sometimes they have to walk it alone … because forgiveness isn’t always black and white and love can be blurred by pain. With the blissful ignorance gone and the blinders removed, how much of themselves will they have to sacrifice to come out on top one last time?

When everyone has a score to settle, it’s hard to notice the person causing the most heartache is the one staring back in the mirror.

Final installment to The Russian Guns
Sequel to The Life
Expected Publication: October 27th, 2014

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