#Teaser of The Score (The Russian Guns, Book Three)
We're getting super close to The Score's release. Yep, I'm a little more than excited. *wink*

A while ago, I mentioned on Facebook there was a new character being introduced in The Score. His first mention in the book is in this teaser. This excerpt is a little hotter than what I usually give, so be warned. And as always, enjoy!


God, he did that so damned well.

Something hot and heady swept through her blood, making her feel dizzy and drunk. Wanting to move or have some control, Viviana reached down and weaved her fingers into the damp strands of Anton’s hair. Chuckles rocked against her sex. The buzzing hum of ecstasy rolled over every inch of her body.

As close as she was to her orgasm under the speed and skill of his tongue, Anton slowed his tempo down. Like she knew he would, he took his time to explore her pussy, licking along her fleshy folds, kissing her inner thighs, and whispering her name so sweet and loving while he did so.

Finally … finally … he gave her what she needed.

The hand holding firm to her backside let go and two of his fingers slipped through her folds, entering her sex with one thrust as his tongue went back to her clit. Scissoring his digits on the withdrawal, Anton stretched her sensitive tissues, making her feel so full all the while, urging the rest of her to orgasm with spearing strikes of his tongue to her quivering nub. Viviana’s fingers tightened to what she knew must have been a painful grip in his hair as she came, crying out so loudly the sound of her voice bounced back several times over. Pleasure fell over her in crushing waves.

While the tremors of the orgasm subsided, Viviana met her husband’s blazing gaze.

“I have a favor to ask,” Anton murmured before laying a kiss to her mound.

With an arched brow, Viviana managed to ask, “Hmm?”

“How do you feel about a dinner, with the Jersey boss?”

Viviana’s grasp in his hair tightened again and she might have enjoyed his flinch just a little. “Anton Daniil … I swear to God, if you did this to convince me—”

“No, I did this because I’ve been thinking of tasting you all fucking day, Vine.”

She chose not to push him on that end. “We can’t afford for us to be seen mingling with people affiliated with the Bratva right now, Anton. It won’t look good. That’d be all we need is for some goddamn photographer catching us having a sit down.”

“We’ll be careful. Ivan thinks I should do it.”

Anton was still on his knees with Viviana’s leg slung over his shoulder. She might have been extremely pissed off at the idea, but she was highly aware of her husband’s weakened position before her, too. Instead of standing up as her equal to discuss it, he was giving her the power to decide while he was on the ground.

Viviana took a breath, willing away some of her frustration. “I’m not playing games at this dinner, Anton.”

“I’m not asking you to, and I don’t expect you to be anything more than my beautiful, respectful wife,” he assured quietly. “Also, he requested our family, not just you.”

It took her an entire minute to figure out what Anton meant. “Demyan, too?”

Oh, no way.

“I don’t think so,” Viviana stated fiercely. “He’s a baby, Anton. He has no reason—”

“Adrik will be coming alone. No bulls. No men. Nothing. It will be a dinner, Vine, with our son. I would say that’s a trustworthy show on his part, no?”

Viviana clenched her teeth and stared at anything but the man below her. “Do you trust him as a boss?”

“I don’t know him well enough to give you an honest opinion.”

“Well, that’s a fucking problem, isn’t it?”

“Viviana,” Anton said, warningly.

“Is his wife and child coming, too?” she bit out.

“As far as I know, he’s unmarried. I don’t know about any children, either.”

Yeah, now Viviana was even less impressed. “Move, Anton.”

“No, you listen. I know it’s not the best time. I’m not real pleased about including our son in on it. Believe me, I’m not,” he insisted at her snort. “But, I have to think about my business and Bratva, too. Like it or not, you’re my wife and sometimes you have to show face. Adrik may have an offer for me, something I need. I’m going to give him the chance to offer it. I would like if you were there, also.”

Viviana sighed. “Fine, but can he at least wait until spring to make the trip?”

“Vine, that’s a month or more away and a lot closer to the trial than I’m comfortable with.”

“Spring, or no me.”

This time, it was Anton who sighed. “Fuck it. Spring it is.”
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  1. Wow can't wait what a great way to start a Wednesday , Thanks

  2. Can't wait!!! It comes out on my birthday ( although I wouldn't be mad if it were released earlier ). Sooooo ready!

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