"When I cry, it's always for you." - Anton Avdonin, The Score - #Teaser
Seven more days ... a little more emotional for this snippet of the final installment to The Russian Guns. Just what are they grieving for, hmm? Do enjoy ...

“Boys don’t cry, Anton.”

Anton swallowed the immediate emotions that lodged in his throat like a stopped. “They do.”

“Funny, your son doesn’t seem to think so. I don’t know how I feel about that right now.”

“Boys cry,” Anton insisted quietly. “Sometimes they just do it in a different way, over different things. Not everything is black and white. There’s shades of grey, too.”

Viviana tossed him a look over her shoulder as she began straightening the mess that had become the sheets on their bed. “Do you cry, then?”

Straight to the point, as always.

“More inside than out, I think.”

“That’s not the same,” Viviana said, a little too hotly for Anton’s liking.

“And you don’t get to tell me how to grieve.”

Viviana froze, the sheet in her hand falling to the bed. “I—”

“Let’s be clear on one thing, baby. I cry. I hurt. I’m so concerned about you that I’m stuck in my own goddamn head and I can’t get out of it most days. Funny thing, though, I’m okay with that. Because when I hurt, and when I cry, it’s always for you.”
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