A New Change
The pages to the left side of my blog are used to show the books I have out, where they can be purchased, and links to excerpts or chapters I've posted on the blog. There's also the "About Me" page, but that's not nearly as interesting as the rest, I assure you.

I've decided to add another page, one that's a little more informative as to what readers can expect to see coming from me in the near (or foreseeable as to my muse and what is currently open and being worked on in my files) future. It's not a guarantee, as I bounce back and forth between projects sometimes, so one thing may be finished and published before the others are.

However, the page will give some insight as to what to expect from me writing-wise and publishing-wise for part of the coming year 2015.

As always, thanks for reading my words and rambles!

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