More Deleted Scenes, Future-takes & Free Reads from The Russian Guns Series
The last week has been super hectic and worrisome for me. My youngest--just a week over two months old now--spent six nights, seven days in the hospital. His older brothers brought home a cold, as all kids do, and the next thing we knew, the baby had it, too. It's almost scary how fast a baby can get sick and how quickly it progresses from just a little cough to them turning red and gasping for breath.

Nevertheless, the littlest one is home and good again.

While he was there, though, I finally got the chance to sit down and put the finishing touches on two more free reads for The Russian Guns. One is a deleted scene that needed some polishing, the other is a future-take of a scene that's sure to break some hearts--or many.

I only have two future-takes left to write--Snapshots and Stir Crazy. Then, I have the free novella Demyan & Ana. That will be the prequel to Demyan's story Shattered.

Do enjoy. The links below will take you directly to your choice of format to download for your devices.


The Wedding (Deleted Scene) MOBI

The Wedding (Deleted Scene) EPUB

The Wedding (Deleted Scene) PDF


Too Young (Future Outtake) MOBI

Too Young (Future Outtake) EPUB

Too Young (Future Outtake) PDF
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