Teaser - Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni (Filthy Marcellos Trilogy)
Time for another teaser from the Filthy Marcellos Trilogy. Lucian's book is just days away. Getting excited yet? I sure am. Here's a piece from the second book. Is how you would want to meet your in-laws for the first time?




It wasn’t long before Kim was traveling down an escalator, twenty or more bodies of other flyers blocking her view of the spot below. Stepping off the moving stairwell, she took two steps forward and stopped.
Leather shoes, navy slacks, and a dress shirt rolled up to the elbows caught her attention instantly. A jacket was tossed over the man’s arm, his other held up so he could read the piece of white paper in his hand. Despite his dressy attire, his stance was casual and unbothered.
How could Kim not recognize the man standing in front of her?
Antony Marcello had been the most enigmatic and noticeable presence in the church and plaza the day of his oldest son’s wedding. He was the first man her father pointed out to her so she would know who he was. They hadn’t been introduced that day, as Kim focused her attention in Gio’s direction, but she knew the man on sight.
Not that Kim could forget a face, but Antony’s features held the familiarity of his son, too. It was immediately comforting and she didn’t even know him, not really.
Antony glanced up from the paper in his hand, his eyes meeting Kim’s only a few feet away. An easy, slow smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Hello, Kimberlynn.”
Kim blinked, surprised to hear her name coming from him. “You know me?”
“Of you,” Antony corrected gently. “Though I’m sure we’ll have the chance to get to know one another a lot better over the next little while. I only recognize you because I pulled up some public information last night when I couldn’t sleep. Just to be safe, I figured I should be able to pick your face out of a crowd. I’m glad I did. Gio made the choice I thought he would.”
“Sending me, you mean.”
“For one.” Antony waved the paper in his hand. “Amber is an interesting middle name. Where does it come from?”
How did he know that?
“My grandmother from my mother’s side.”
“Not Italian, I take it.”
“No, but my grandfather was,” Kim answered. “As is my father.”
“I’m aware,” Antony intoned dully.
Kim couldn’t contain her snort of amusement. Antony’s dislike of Nunz was as clear as day. Gio had warned her ahead of time his father wouldn’t be pleasant on any topic that referred to Nunz Abella.
“What’s funny, Kimberlynn?”
“Kim. I prefer Kim.”
“Good. I thought Kimberlynn was a bit …”
“Stuffy?” Kim asked, filling in the blank she’d always known.
Antony chuckled. “Exactly.”
“Gio warned me about your distain for my father. That’s what I was laughing about.”
“Giovanni was correct. You don’t seem too offended, though. Sadly, I’m not surprised.”
“I haven’t liked my father for a long time,” Kim replied.
“Well, we have one thing in common already."

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