Teaser of Filthy Marcellos: Dante #ComingSoon
So, I've been sharing bits and bobs from the first two brothers' books, and now that I have been able to get some work done on the final brother's book, I thought I should share a bit of his story as well. 
Here's Dante. Do enjoy ...



Dante realized his mistake the moment he turned the light on in his office. The pictures he had been flipped through were still spread out all over the room. Nothing was hidden. His distraction lately had led him to forget about it before he invited his brother in.
“Holy shit,” Lucian whispered.
“Out,” Dante said, turning fast on his heel to push his older brother back out of the room. “Now, Lucian.”
“No fucking way.” Lucian dodged Dante easily, slipping around to do a circle in the middle of the space. “I repeat, holy shit, Dante.”
Dante swallowed his nerves, doing a quick inventory of the pictures. None of them were graphic enough of Catrina in her various stages of undress to warrant his anger, but they were very telling if someone understood Dante’s mind. If anyone would, it was Lucian.
All of the pictures were black and white. Some of his wife’s smile, the cock of her brow, or the fan of her lashes across her cheekbone. Photos of her clothed in only his dress shirt, all the buttons undone but one as she sat with her knees drawn up in a chair. Fingers clenched into bed sheets. Water beading down skin. There were some he had taken when she was under him, her body wrought with the explosion of a climax, but instead of an entire portrait, he’d only caught the camber of her mouth when she cried his name.
“I shouldn’t be looking at these, should I?” Lucian asked quietly.
“No,” Dante murmured. “Can we get out of here, now?”
“I don’t think so.” Lucian spun on his heel to face his brother. “I knew you two were … intimate.”
“Fucking, you mean.”
“Don’t be an asshole because I figured out your secret, Dante.”
“Fuck off,” Dante warned darkly. “You don’t have a clue.”
“Look at this room! Look at it.” Lucian waved his arms wide and said, “You married because you had to, so you found a female just as difficult as you. Mr. I-can’t-feel-a-thing just happened to get lucky enough that the woman he found was attracted to him. You’ve been hiding it well enough … making it work.”
Lucian barked out a laugh. “Jesus Christ, have you ever been making it work, huh?”
“Not a chance, brother. Does she know you see her this way?”
Dante swallowed thickly. “No.”
“She doesn’t know you love her?”
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