Teaser of WIP Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni - Filthy Marcellos Book Two #ComingSoon
I've been sharing teasers from the first book in the Filthy Marcellos trilogy (Lucian's story) every Friday on the blog. I've also been teasing some snippets here and there for Gio's story (the second book in the trilogy) on my Facebook page, and thought I might as well add one or two here. 

Ready? Still a WIP, so no blurbs or teaser pictures to share just yet. 
Gio watched Kim silently as she picked at the food on her lap. She wasn’t eating as much as he liked, but he didn’t bother to push her on it since she was picking at a little bit of everything. The hum of the reporter’s voice speaking on the flat screen held all of her attention, or at least, that’s how it seemed.
“Is that coffee?” Kim asked, side eyeing the to-go cup in his hand.
“It is.” The cup wasn’t all that hot anymore and he’d barely sipped a bit from it. “Why?”
Good coffee?” Kim asked.
“Better than the shit they serve at the restaurant downstairs.”
Hell, anything was better than that sludge. For a four star hotel, you’d think the place would have decent coffee, but no. Their cook also lacked any real talent beyond breakfast meals.
“I’ll take your word for it,” Kim said.
“It’s better, trust me.”
“Well, can I have it since you’re too busy looking at me to drink it?”
Gio chuckled at having been caught. Kim was getting back to her usual sarcastic nature, even if she was a little too pale for his liking. That’s what he wanted to see, though, some life to her eyes.
Waving at the apple juice, orange juice, and water bottles beside her on the bed, Gio said, “Drink some of that; it’s better for you. The last thing you need is caffeine right now, considering it’s a natural diuretic. It’s not a nutrient.”
“It is in small doses. Don’t fight me on this. Coffee is my lifeline in the mornings. Give me the coffee, Gio, or else I’ll be forced to take it from you.”
Gio felt the corner of his mouth quirk into a grin. “That’s how you want to play this?”
“It is.”
“And how exactly would you take it from me, Tesoro?”
Kim shrugged and turned back to the flat screen. “I’d cry and then you’d hand it over. Most men can’t stand a crying female. Little work on my part; I can cry at nothing.”
“I’d know the tears were fake,” Gio pointed out.

“No you wouldn’t. Then you’d feel guilty and give me the coffee anyway. Might as well just hand it over and be done with it.” 
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