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Title: Riding Rebel
Author: +Kiru Taye, Author 
Series: The Essien Trilogy #3
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication date: January 26, 2015

Seen as the rebel Essien, Tony has always felt like an outsider. With a daredevil lifestyle, he’s more at home in leathers than in a suit, and more likely to be seen gracing the red carpets at a movie premiere with a starlet draped on his arms than in a boardroom. Still, he’s determined to prove himself to his family and build a successful movie business. Spotting Rita Dike at an event, he sees the potential star of his new movie and his next pleasure conquest.

Rita is a journalist looking for her big break. When she inherits the journal of her late best friend who claims Tony is not an Essien, she spots the perfect scoop. Her acting classes come in handy when she has to pose as an actress to get closer to Tony. Succumbing to the charms of dark and brooding Tony might just be the only way to get through the close ranks of the Essien family.

But as she gets closer to the truth, Rita risks losing the riding rebel who’s raided her heart. Can love heal hearts or will deceit break them?

Tagline: Love. Lust. Deceit



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His grip on her arm tightened and he increased his pace as they headed across the polished marbled floor of the lobby to the lifts. She stumbled. He swivelled, grasped her shoulder, and pulled her into him to save her from falling over. He'd forgotten she was tottering on sky-high-heeled shoes. He really shouldn’t be such a bastard no matter how pissed off he was at the situation.

His panting breath mingled with hers, their faces only an inch apart. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," she whispered in a breathy voice, surprisingly subdued.

The urge to kiss her rose, watering his mouth. They stood in the middle of a busy lobby with prying eyes and mobile phone cameras. Tomorrow, their pictures would be splashed all over the Internet. It never bothered him when that happened. However Rita's artless demeanour indicated she wasn't used to the limelight. Something in him wanted to shield her from the exposure.

So he tamped down his desire and tilted her head up so she had to look into his eyes. Her soft, smooth skin felt warm and beautiful brown irises met his hesitantly. "I'm going to call the lift and go up to my room. It's your choice if you want to come up or not."

"What..." She sucked in a breath as if gathering strength to say what she needed. "What do you want from me?"

"I want to fuck you," he said in low voice meant for her ears only.

Her lips parted, her breath hitched. The pulse on her neck thundered and her throat rippled as she swallowed. But she didn't back away and her saucer-wide eyes turned molten brown with lust.

There. He had his answer. She wanted him. Would she let him fuck her? Because that's what it would be. In his world, sex was about fucking. Wild, animalistic, unrestrained rutting. He would see to her pleasure again and again. Still, it wouldn’t be sweet and it wouldn’t be loving.

A lift opened and a man stepped out. Tony released her and walked into the lift. Turning, he faced her. Enough game playing. She had to come to him of her own volition. She stood there looking sexy as sin as she bit her bottom lip and her forehead puckered in a frown as if she wondered why he'd left her in the lobby.

"I'm not going to drag you into the lift, if that’s what you were expecting." His fingers itched to do it, though. He didn't want to contemplate that she would turn around and walk away. Yet he had to give her the opportunity. "You have to walk into this lift yourself if you want me."

She glanced behind her and took a hesitant step backward. His heart thundered. She was going to run. He held his breath and counted to ten to stop from stepping out and grabbing her arm. Instead, he jammed his finger into the door hold button and waited. Seconds ticked by that felt like hours. Sweat
beaded his forehead.

She looked up and met his gaze. "Can you make the pain go away?"

It's My Life – Bon Jovi

Grenade – Bruno Mars
Like I Can – Sam Smith
Get Married – Bruno Mars
Set Fire to the Rain  - Adele
Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson

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Bethany-Kris's Review of Riding Rebel
Four out of Five Stars

Tony Essien is the youngest of the uber rich Essien brothers. He’s a no-holds barred kind of bad boy with a screw you, can-do attitude. Both literally, and figuratively. As he sees it, people can either take him the way he is, or leave him. He likes a party, he likes women, and he likes making movies. When Rita Dike steps into his line of sights, Tony can’t help but get knocked back a few steps at the effect the woman has on him. She isn’t like his usual flings, and he doesn’t want to treat her like one. Unfortunately, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes for Rite, like the fact she’s a reporter trying to figure out if Tony is really an Essien at all. As it always does, love plays one heck of a dirty game. Getting clean is never an easy thing.

I was ridiculously excited for Tony’s novel. I loved his brother’s stories, and hoped that his would be just as good. I’m teetering on a 3.5 stars on this story, and because there’s no such place you can do halfsies, I’m just going to go ahead and round the official mark as a 4.

First off, Tony Essien. My God … Is he the quintessential Bad Boy? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. He certainly likes to act like one, and everything about his appearance and behavior would certainly suggest that’s what he thinks he is … but frankly, that’s an image better suited for his public self than his real one. Sure, he’s got an attitude and can be a bit of a womanizer, but for Tony, it’s just another means to another end. There’s so much about his past and things in this story, and it really made me like him. Because he learned from his choices, he prides on honesty, and all the things that happened to him, I liked him. Some people might think he’s a bit of a jerk, especially at first. Everything given at face isn’t always the value. Something important for people to remember.

Rita Dike … Well, she’s a woman motivated by revenge, mainly. She believes her father’s death was basically caused by lost investments (pension plans) made by Tony’s family. So, when she’s “approached” (yeah, I put quotes on this because as far as I’m concerned, Kris basically manipulated her into it, so …) about getting closer to Tony, she’s all for it. It doesn’t take long at all for her to realize Tony isn’t the person she first thought, and he’s certainly not responsible for the things his family does. She’s a very innocent, naive, and trusting girl. For Tony being such a womanizer, he was good with Rita—especially about her heart, which was nice to see.

There’s so much about the plot in this story I can’t talk about without giving it away. A lot of it I really enjoyed and thought it was a refreshing look at a bad boy style hero. Seriously, just to get an inside look at Tony Essien and his extensive past, not to mention some of the skeletons in his family’s closest, the book is worth it. I did think his family needed to back the heck off because recovery is a lot of things, but it has to be independent. In my opinion, they made him dependent with their demands and nonsense.

Nonetheless, there was really only one thing that kept this from being a five star for me and that was a piece closer to the end. Something awful happened to the heroine and it seemed like a page flip and it was over and she was over it. She was "sad" but not much else. Another page flip and we were onto something entirely different. I guess it left the ending with a rushed feeling for me. Someone else might feel differently. 

All in all, I liked it. I knew the Essien brothers’ stories would be a trilogy, but by the end of this one, I couldn’t help but wonder if “Blood or not, family is family …” why Kola wasn’t getting his story.


Hahaha. He is. And I am ridiculously excited for it, too. 

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