Blurb Reveal for Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni (Filthy Marcellos, Book 2) #ComingSoon
With Lucian's story out, it's time to start getting serious and excited for Giovanni's.

Want a better look into what Gio's story is all about in the Filthy Marcellos? Here we go ...


Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni

Giovanni Marcello lives life by his own terms and has no intention of changing. As a Capo and the son of a mob boss, he knows what is and is not acceptable conduct. That doesn’t stop him from doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. The one thing he would never do is disobey the principles of La Cosa Nostra. That is, until he spends a night with a beautiful stranger.

He’ll break every rule for her.

Kim Abella has made some mistakes—no doubt about it. She’s paying for them by a forced marriage she doesn’t want to a man who suffocates her with his demands and abuse. After everything, she knew better than to get mixed up with another family, especially their youngest son. Then again, when she’s with him, he reminds her of who she is beneath the control that’s slowly killing her.

She just can’t leave him alone.

Being spoken for by a made man means Kim is off-limits, but Giovanni doesn’t play nice when it comes to taking what should be his. The only thing that might save them both from a bullet and a makeshift grave for what they’ve done are the very same rules they already broke.

Sometimes, love has to start out a little filthy. 


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