Thursday #Teaser from Filthy Marcellos: Dante - Book Three in the Filthy Marcellos Trilogy #ComingSoon
Giovanni's release is just around the corner! But, today I'm offering up a piece of Dante's story in the Filthy Marcello Trilogy. A little taste of Catrina and Dante at their first meeting, actually. Enjoy!

Dante blinked, unsure of what she was asking him. Catrina’s finger tapped to the center of his chest, sending sparks blooming across his skin. The tattooed word on her slender, pale digit caught his eye again.
“Catrina Danzi,” she repeated.
“That name rings no bells.”
“To the outside world, it shouldn’t. If it did, I wouldn’t be very good at my job, Dante.”
She struck her finger on his chest again.
“I think I’ll head out and take my men with me, bello.”
Dante stepped back. “Do that.”
Catrina slid off the stool with a learned grace that Dante would appreciate if she were any other woman and not one that had seriously fucked with his head and time tonight. Passing him by, she turned at his shoulder, wiggling her fingers teasingly.
“For you, it’s Cat, but they’ll know me better as Queen.”
Stunned, Dante observed the men who hadn’t even left the table get up from their prospective seats and follow the redhead out of the club without a word. Lucian and Gio, however, were only a few feet behind Dante, both sporting expressions churned with anger and shock. Some patrons were being herded out of the club by men Dante recognized as his own … or rather, his father’s.
“Did I hear that woman right?” Gio asked when the coast was clear.
“Depends on what you heard,” Dante replied quietly.
“A lot,” Lucian said for his brother.
Dante lifted his shoulders in response, but even the action felt robotic. He didn’t like being tricked and he didn’t like being cornered. Dante was neither a circus show nor an animal needing trained. That woman—Catrina—had treated him like both.
It pissed him off more.
“Plan remains the same,” Dante said, reverting back to his cool demeanor. “I want them off my streets.”
“Even if it’s a woman running them?” Lucian asked.
“Especially because it’s her running them.”

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