By-Request Russian Guns Future-take - Raising a Queen
Yep, I'm here with another Russian Guns future-take, despite saying the last offering was the final ones. However, I love my readers, so when they ask for something particular, it's always good to give them what they want. Especially since they're so awesome and they deserve it.

So, Raising a Queen was initially offered on my Facebook fan page a couple of weeks ago exclusively and now I'm putting it up on the blog, too. It's an over 7l outtake that takes place approx. 2 years AFTER Demyan & Ana. You'll get a quick look at Demyan and what my boy's been up to since he laid his Gia to rest, a moment with Vera, as well as a whole lot of Ana and Anton ... which was the point of the outtake to begin with.

Nonetheless, do enjoy. It is unedited, so there's that. Shattered, the very final Russian Guns novel, is on its way. :D


Raising a Queen
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