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I bring a small snippet from the beginning of Chapter Three in Filthy Marcellos: Dante today. In fact, I bring you the very lovely and very dangerous, Catrina Danzi. Enjoy ...

* * *

Catrina Danzi required but one thing in life to keep her happy and not for the reason most would suspect: men.
She didn’t need or want their intimacy. Very little about a man interested her enough to keep her attention. The few men she had forged relationships with, physical or otherwise, had been either a pawn in someone’s game, or dead before morning.
They didn’t call her a black widow, though.
No, they called her the Queen.
The only reason she required men in her life was for business.
Being a successful Queen Pin was partly about understanding the environment of the work, then the product came along, and finally, the most important of them all was the ability to find the clients. Cat was mighty good at finding hers. She always had been.
It wasn’t hard when her looks drew attention, her charm closed the gap, and her product kept them coming back for more. She fit in to high society without gaining attention to her place. If a man—any man so long as he had the right amount of cash and clout—needed her to be the ghost supplying his substance indulgence, she was the perfect fit.
She didn’t touch the men, though. A good Queen didn’t get involved, certainly not emotionally, and definitely not with a client. Feelings and business didn’t work, regardless of how some men tried to convince her differently. If just one of her clients would realize his worth to her was only as good as the bottom-line on his bank account, maybe they’d get the hint.
Right. She doubted it.
Cat had a signature. One she was known for by every client who had her on speed dial. Beyond the bodycon dresses, red lips, and stiletto heels that accentuated her sexuality and held attention, they had all come to know her as Queen.
Just like that. Simple and clean. Kind of like her business prerogative.

Well, as clean as dealing drugs could be, that was.

Dante Marcello’s life has been a carefully planned event as an heir to a Cosa Nostra throne. For as long as he can remember, he’s had one goal in mind, and that’s becoming the Don. With his father ready to step down, it’s Dante’s turn to step up. But without a wife at his side, his seat as the boss is on shaky ground. Until she shows up with an offer he wants to refuse, but can’t.

With her, he’s got everything to gain.

Catrina Danzi is known for her angel face and a predator’s grace. For over a decade, she’s worked as a successful Queen Pin dealing with a repertoire of clientele who can’t afford a scandal. That’s why they ask for her and why they call her Queen. Marrying Dante Marcello means giving up the business and status she loves in order to gain protection she can’t provide on her own, but she no longer has a choice.

Without him, she’s got everything to lose. 

The rules for their arrangement are simple: no intimacy, no emotions. Dante isn’t looking for love and Catrina doesn’t need attachments. In the end, life has a way of breaking down walls when you least expect it to, and once love gets in, there’s no bleeding it out. Together, they make a formidable team the Commission won’t be able to ignore. Catrina’s secret of what she’s kept safe will put the entire Marcello family in danger when it finally catches up with her. The Marcellos have yet to be beaten, and they’re not about to start bowing down now.

Even the most beautiful things are a little filthy.

The final book in the Filthy Marcellos Trilogy
To Be Released June 2nd, 2015
Can be read as a standalone in the series
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