Teaser of Filthy Marcellos: Antony - #ComingSoon #Mafia #Romance
Yep, you read that right. This has been my secret project for a little while. It will, essentially, be a prequel to the whole Filthy Series. :D




Antony had just walked into his home when the phone started ringing.
Christ, he wanted to ignore it. Badly.
He couldn’t.
It’d be just his luck that the call he ignored would come from the boss. Never shun a boss. It was a rule.
Antony didn’t bother to kick off his shoes or remove his suit jacket before crossing the foyer, entering the living room and picking up the call. “Marcello speaking.”
“Morning, Tony,” came a familiar voice on the other end.
“Morning, John.”
Johnathan Grovatti was, and always had been, one of Antony’s best friends. There was a two-year age difference between the two with Johnathan being the older one. Johnathan had gotten his button at eighteen—one of the many perks of having a rival boss for a father from a fellow New York family.
However, Johnathan’s older brother was taking over his father’s spot, while he was set to take over Vinnie Catrolli’s when the man was dead or done. The arrangement between the families had saved a lot of blood from being shed what with the rivals doing business so close together and everything.
Antony supposed that was most important. Even if it meant John had to marry a woman he despised for the sake of business. Vinnie’s youngest daughter Kate was a nasty thing, but maybe Johnathan could tame her. Or at the very least, handle her.
“Got business today in Hell’s Kitchen,” John informed.
Antony cringed. Not today, man.
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