Teaser of Shattered - The Russian Guns, 5 #ComingSoon #Mafia #Romance
I offer you a teaser of Demyan today ... enjoy. ;)


“She shouldn’t be here at all, Ma.”
“Why not?” his mother shot back. “Because she has Irish ancestry she’s not good enough to sit at our table?”
“Because she’s related to the Dolans! And she’ll get us all killed!”
That was the first time Claire heard Demyan raise his voice and the sound of it shocked her. Deep, heated, and tough enough to cut steel. Even the blue of his irises darkened in his fury. All over again, Claire found her heart racing and her air sticking in her throat.
She was attracted to this man.
This angry, pained, and dark in his soul man.
God, what was wrong with her?
“I only want to help,” Claire said, gaining Demyan’s heady attention on her again. The unease he created inside her burrowed in, but strangely, it wasn’t a bad feeling. “I don’t want what happened to you—”
“Don’t,” he growled.
Claire blinked. “What?”
“You don’t know a goddamn thing about me, my daughter, or what happened to us. Whatever they’ve told you,” Demyan said, waving at his parents, “… is nothing compared to what really took place the day I met your uncle. And your brother? Oh my God, that piece of shit. He was a rapist, sociopathic, useless excuse of breath. I did the world a favor by killing him.”
“I agree.”
It hurt to admit she felt that way because Claire never thought it was possible for her believe in such violence, but she did. Cavan absolutely deserved what he got. Maybe in his last moments, her brother finally understood his actions had consequences.
But he wasn’t the only guilty one.
Demyan pushed away from the table. “I’m done with this.”
Anton stood. “Demyan, please just give me more time to explain everything.”
“No, I’m done. I’m taking my daughter out of here, and I’m going home. Until you clean this house of the trash you brought into it, don’t ask me back. You can safely assume my position is the same for Vera. And since I am her father and primary caregiver, I make all the calls for her.”
Ouch. Anger filled Claire like someone had poured hot lava into her veins.
“Trash?” she asked.
Without realizing it, she’d been fingering the Celtic cross at her throat. Her hand clenched around the pendant so tightly it bit into her skin.
“Is that all I am to you, Demyan Avdonin? Trash. Garbage. Filth.” Claire swallowed the bitter taste of disgust on her tongue. “If I get too close, will I make you dirty, too? Is that what you’re afraid of?”
Demyan didn’t give a thing away as he said, “Stay the fuck away from my daughter.”
Hadn’t he heard her earlier? “I would never hurt that little girl.”

“Stay the fuck away or you won’t like what happens.” 
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