Teaser of Shattered (The Russian Guns Book Five) - Coming Soon
So, I shared this teaser on my Facebook page last week to "reveal" who the heroine is in Shattered and I thought it appropriate I share it here as well. *hugs* Cover reveal coming soon. And enjoy.


“To your knees, girl,” Liam demanded with a dismissive wave. 
The toe of his leather shoe landed on her ribs, taking away her breath and ability to speak. Her cry lodged in her throat and she realized her position and the cars surrounding them kept her from view. No one could help her.
“To your knees, girl,” Liam said again. “If there is one particular thing I despise the most about the female gender above all else, it’s the constant need to have me waste my breath with useless chatter and reminders. I will not repeat myself again and you will do well to remember that. Your life has an expiration date, but I certainly don’t mind throwing you out before it arrives, Claire. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”
She nodded.
“Good. Now, what did I say?”
“To my knees.”
She got up, the pavement scratching her exposed skin as the dress she changed into after work fell above her knee line and her leather boots weren’t high enough to use as a buffer. Below him like she was, Claire almost felt like she had just put herself into the most vulnerable position of them all. She did not want to be at this man’s mercy in any way.
Liam reached out with a single finger to touch her face, his nail digging into her cheek. There was nothing about the action that felt tender or well-intended. As his finger found the spot under her chin, Liam dug a little harder, forcing Claire to look upward. She could taste blood on her lips and she was positive Liam thoroughly enjoyed seeing her like she was.
He was so fucking evil.
“You’re in the proper position, now,” Liam noted, looking her over. “All bitches should be on their knees, waiting to serve or be struck. Which would you prefer?”
Don’t be surprised if he thinks of you like nothing more than a dog … the best thing you can do is be compliant, soft-spoken, and well-behaved. 
“There are only two things I will accept coming out of your mouth from this point on, Claire,” Liam said.
Respect what he believes is his position. 
Liam tapped his finger under her chin and it felt a hell of a lot like a warning. “Those things are yes and I’m sorry.”
Claire shivered, but hid it well enough. “O—”
His palm slapped under her chin hard. More blood spilled over her tongue.
“Yes,” Claire forced out.
“And?” Liam asked.
“I’m sorry, Uncle Liam.”
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  1. Did I miss a Russian Guns book somehow? What is the title of book 4?

  2. Hey there! The fourth book was the prequel to Shattered and was titled Demyan & Ana. It was a short 30k novella. If you click on the Russian Guns page here on the blog you can see the book and info for it. :)

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