What I #AmReading This Week! - @jandsmatt
Well, besides doing final proofs for Shattered and Dante, of course, I've also been enjoying some novels that are not mine. *winks*

I've got yet another Susanne Matthews novel on my kindle.

All For Love releases May 26th and I was crazy lucky to get an advanced copy for review. Everyone knows Susanne is one of my favorite romance authors. Especially when it comes to her Romantic Suspense. So yes, exited to bite into this sometime this week.

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I also did something crazy and decided to try an erotic romance MalePreg Sci-Fi. I like Sci-Fi, and I like M/;M, and I like them when they're erotic ... so, why not? Does it push the enveope of reality a little? Sure, but that's Sci-Fi and that's what makes it great.

I enjoyed the first book in Jacey Holbrand's The Agency series, so I'll be reviewing the final two in the series later in the week.

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