Teaser of current WIP Deathless & Divided, The Chicago War Book 1 - #Mafia #Romance
My current WIP is something of a major mind screw for me. The hero, Damian Rossi, is what people like to call an unreliable narrator. He doesn't give much and when he does, you're not entirely sure if he's telling the truth or just telling you what you want to hear. It's all a part of a grander plot, something much bigger than him, sure, but as the author, it throws me for a loop sometimes. I'm constantly finding myself wanting to put in little hints for the reader here and there but instead, I can't because that would ruin the ending and essentially, ruin that first big bang for the start of The War.

Nonetheless, the heroine Lily DeLuca finds herself in a situation when her older brother Dino calls her back from Europe with the demand she marry a man she doesn't know for no other reason than she is, essentially, a DeLuca and being married off when her older brother deems suitable and fit for her to do so is expected. Damian happens to be the man she is marrying.

He's nothing like she expects. And she's entirely confused. Lily is young, just twenty-one. She was enjoying her life before her brother ripped the rug out. She also isn't sure if what Damian's game is with her. Poor girl.

Enough of my rambling ... here's the teaser.


Lily blurted out the first thing to come to her mind. “He said he wanted me to come to him willingly.”
“What do you mean?” Eve asked.
“His bed.”
“Well, then …”
“Yeah,” Lily said with a sigh. “I didn’t expect that either. You know what that means, right?”
Abriella nodded. “Means he wants you, too.”
She was so fucked.
Lily’s gaze caught the store manager bringing back a beautiful slightly off-white, A-line dress with intricate beadwork along the sweetheart neckline. The gown, covered by delicate lace and trimmed with personal touches, instantly reminded Lily of the silver screen.
God, it was beautiful.
And she hadn’t even tried it on.
“That’s perfect,” Lily said softly.
Eve and Abriella admired the wedding dress as the lady hung it on the opened door of the stall.
“It’s definitely classic,” Eve said. “And you. It feels like you.”
Abriella glanced down at her vibrating phone. “Oh, got a response on the silk number.”
Lily laughed, happy for the joking reprieve from the seriousness. “Yeah?”
“Yep, from Damian.”
Lily’s heart found her throat. “You sent it to Damian?”
“I sent it to Theo and Dino, too.”
The girl just shrugged.
A troublemaker; that’s what she was.
Lily couldn’t help herself but ask, “God, what did he say?”
“That particular number is a definite no for the dress. Too showy for the church.”
“But?” Lily asked.
She could hear the but in there somewhere.
Abriella smirked a wicked sight. “He’s good with taking silk off you in the evening.”
Eve laughed, hiding it poorly with her hand. “Sounds just like a man.”
Abriella glanced down when her phone buzzed again. “But he prefers black lace.”
“You’re awful,” Lily told Abriella.
“You’ll thank me eventually.”
Lily bit the inside of her cheek, considering the choice in lingerie. It wasn’t something she’d given much thought to before. “Black lace?”
“That’s what he said.”
Eve grinned. “I know a great shop just down the street, Lily. They’ve got some great stuff that would look perfect under that dress.”
Lily made a face. “Don’t encourage me, Eve.”
Her friend didn’t even blink. “You know I’m going to.”

Yeah, she did. 
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