Teaser of current WIP - Deathless & Divided #ComingSoon #Mafia #Romance
I'm sharing a teaser of my current WIP Deathless & Divided today. Enjoy!

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Damian stared at the colorful screen of his laptop, wondering if he should make the call.
“What are you doing?” Tommas asked, tipping back his beer to finish what was left.
“Thinking,” Damian replied.
“It’s a little late to be having second thoughts.”
Damian flipped his cousin the middle finger. “Not about the wedding.”
“Good, because you’re due at the altar in …” Tommas trailed off, checking his watch. “Fifteen hours.”
“Thanks for the reminder.”
“You should sleep, Damian.”
Damian had too much shit to consider before he could sleep.
“What are you still doing here?” Damian asked. “The party ended hours ago.”
Well, if you could consider a few friends hanging around drinking and doing nothing else a party. Tommas refused to let Damian get married without some kind of final goodbye to his single life. Damian consented to his cousin and a couple of Tommas’ friends coming over to his apartment for a few beers and a game of poker.
Damian won the poker match. He always did.
“Giving you company,” Tommas finally answered.
Damian passed Tommas a look. “I don’t believe that for a second.”
“Yeah, well, fucking deal with it. I’m not giving you anything else.”
Tommas didn’t have to. Damian already knew. Abriella Trentini was on a shorter leash than ever before. With the families fighting like they were, it was probably damn near impossible for Tommas to get any time around the girl.
“You’re sulking about Abriella again, aren’t you?” Damian asked.
Tommas scowled. “I thought you didn’t want to know.”
“I don’t, but I figure it’d be rude if I didn’t ask.”
“That, and you like to know everything.”
“Partly,” Damian agreed.
“I just … it fucking sucks,” Tommas decided on saying.
Damian could understand that. He wouldn’t like it very much if the thing he loved was kept from him, either. Even if Tommas’ and Abriella’s situation was a precarious one simply because of their ages and other minor details. Like her grandfather.
“My place feels empty,” Tommas added.
“If you grow a uterus and your dick turns inside out, don’t call me to whine about it,” Damian said, chuckling.
Tommas opened his mouth to speak, but shut it just as fast. “Asshole.”
“I try.”
“I should get going,” Tommas said, sighing. “Try to sleep.”
Well, Abriella would be at the wedding tomorrow standing with Lily. As long as Tommas kept things clean, he could probably get away with at least talking to his lover.
“Are you good?” Tommas asked Damian.
Damian nodded toward the apartment door. “I’m fine, Tommas. Really.”
“You sure?”
Damian had never been surer of anything in his life like he was for Lily. He adored that woman—loved her entirely.
“Yeah, get out of here,” Damian said.
Tommas smiled and pushed up from the chair. “I’ll be here to pick you up bright and early. Confession before pleasure, as the saying goes.”
Damian scoffed. “I never confess anything.”
He had nothing worth confessing. Nothing he wanted forgiveness for, anyway.
“Whatever. It’s tradition for the Rossi family. Suck it up. Knowing you, you’re going to need a couple of extra hours for penance.”
“Hey—” Damian stopped himself before adding, “Probably. Get the hell out of here already.”

Tommas’ hands flew up. “Going, going.” 
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