Molly Ann Wishlade - Spotlight & Review - A Rancher for Rosie

Author: +Molly Wishlade 
Title: A Rancher for Rosie
Series: The Duggans of Montana
Number in series: #2
Publisher: Totally Bound 

Finally, as darkness fell, Rosie heard the thundering of horses’ hooves. That had to be the men.
She opened the front door and peered into the night. Sure enough, three horses approached the perimeter fence. Two of the men jumped down from their mounts and hurried toward the house while the third one, Rosie suspected it was Emmett, took the mares over to the barn.
Kenan reached her first.
“Is she…is it…I’ve been so…” He leaned over his knees and gasped for breath.
“Just get inside, you fool. Catherine is well. She’s waiting for you.”
He obeyed and Rosie turned back to the porch.
There he was. Dusty. Tired. Road weary. But as handsome as she remembered.
“Joshua,” she whispered his name then sighed as he took her into his arms. She relaxed against him, allowing his strength and vitality to form their reassuring circle around her.
“Oh Rosie, I’ve missed you so much. Has the baby arrived? Is Catherine well? Each time I’m away, it gets harder I swear.”
You have no idea…
“Yes, Catherine is very well. She and Kenan have a daughter. And how are you?” She pulled out of his embrace and looked at him. Even in the semi-darkness, with his face illuminated only by the light from within the house, his eyes seemed intense as the sky on a clear summer’s day.
They burned into her, reaching down inside her and igniting her passion for him. But this would not do. She had to end this. She had to divorce herself from her feelings for him so that she could bid him farewell.
She did. It was true.
But an idea began to form. She would tell Joshua that they had no future, that he should leave and never return. But she could allow herself something before she severed their ties. Why not? If she was to experience a lifetime of suffering, an eternity of heartbreak in a cold, lonely bed, then she could give herself something first…some sweet memories to
treasure for the rest of her days.

Bethany-Kris's Review of A Rancher for Rosie
****Five Stars****

Rosie Duggan, sister to rancher Kenan Duggan, has been in love with Joshua Hampton for longer than she can remember. But she's older than him, and the scandal surrounding her sister-in-law's return to the Duggan ranch paints her with a black brush in the eyes of Joshua's father. When the man warns Rosie away from his son, to give Joshua a chance at a real future with a younger woman who can give him what she maybe can't, a plan starts to form for Rosie. To make others happy, she decides to sacrifice her own. But Joshua isn't giving in that easily. 

I enjoyed A Rancher for Rosie slightly more than the Harlot at the Homestead. And mostly because the second book didn't seem to fly by like the first one did, even with it being novella length. I felt like we got a better look into the characters, their desires and motives, than we did with the first book. But also, I felt the second book gave a great look at the characters from the first book, too. 

I loved Rosie and her tenacity and passion. She's cowgirl tough. She's passionate. And she's not self-seeking. She wants others to have happiness, even if that means she can't. That doesn't make someone a doormat, it makes them a good, soft heart. Joshua helped to steal the show for me. He was unrelenting in his pursuit of Rosie, regardless of the opinions coming out of his family or others. He knew what he wanted--you have to love a sure man. 

Five stars all the way for me. Love an old-style cowboy. I look forward to Matthew and Huyana's story next. 

Molly Ann Wishlade has always been an avid reader and writer of stories. She regularly indulges her love of romance and passion by getting lost in the delicious worlds created by romantic novelists. When not reading, she's busy with her current WIP, usually her next highly erotic tale about sexy and saucy cowboys and their lady loves - and sometimes their gorgeous male lovers too.
She wants to take readers on the rollercoaster that is life through the creation of vivid characters, relationships and worlds.
She loves to hear from readers.

Twitter: @misswishlade

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Musical Inspiration - #TheKooks #BadHabit
I haven't done a music post in a while. This week felt good to do it. I love this band and I really love this song. It also happens to be on the playlist for the final Chicago War book, so there's that.

Enjoy. Hugs and love.


What I #amreading this week! #KingStud - @LivRancourt
This week I've got an ARC on my list from fellow author Liv Rancourt. I love the cover for her latest novel and jumped at the chance to get myself a copy.

King Stud is on my TBR list this week. I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. You can find King Stud on Goodreads here.

And if you're curious about the blurb, it's below:

Danielle’s got three months to make her grandmother’s rundown Craftsman house livable. Her game plan is to get in, get grubby, and get back home to L.A. She needs a carpenter, and her best friend’s younger brother is a good one. It’s hard to ignore the buffed body under Ryan’s paint-splattered sweatshirts, but her friend declares he’s off-limits so Danielle reluctantly agrees. 

Ryan doesn’t have the cleanest record, anyway. His recently ex-ed girlfriend wants him back, and he has a reputation for brawling. He’s also had a crush on Danielle since he was a kid. Despite their nine-year age difference, he knows she’s worth pursuing. 

Soon the paint under Danielle’s fingernails starts feeling more natural than the L.A. sunshine. She’ll have to navigate plumbing disasters, money problems, and one seriously cranky best friend to find something she hasn’t had before: a real home, and a man who loves her.
Blurb Reveal for Deathless & Divided - Coming September 7th #Mafia #Romance
I've kept the blurb for the first Chicago War book locked up pretty tight. Only a couple--quite literally--of people have seen it. So, I'm very excited to share Deathless & Divided's blurb today. And give you a little look at what to expect in this coming series. It's not going to be very pretty. At least not all the time. The cover reveal is set for August 17th!




Deathless & Divided, Coming September 7th, 2015

Lies and love. This is how a war starts.

A life for a life. That’s the mafia way. Damian Rossi owes his life to a man who is ready to collect. That payment comes in the form of an arranged marriage to the daughter of another leading family in the Chicago Outfit. He’s ready to follow through, even if that means making sure Lily knows she’s his.

Lily DeLuca isn’t being given a choice. Forced home to marry a man she doesn’t know and back into a life she’d rather forget, her world is full of half-truths, buried pain, and uncertainty. But Damian is nothing like she expects. His motives aren’t clear. Her beliefs are being tested.

When it comes to this world, no man can be trusted. Someone is ready to flip the Chicago Outfit on its side all for the promise of something better. But no one runs a clean game and these men play for keeps. When blood begins to paint Chicago red, four families will be divided by loyalty, hatred, and revenge. There is no hiding. There is no safety.

No one is deathless.

No one. 


Boy Toy by @JewelQuinlan is now available as an audiobook! #Romance #Audiobook
Boy Toy, The Cougar Journals book 2
Now available as an audiobook!

Available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes
Written by: Jewel Quinlan
Listening Time: 2 hrs 3 mn
Narrated by: Stephanie Wyles

Left hot, bothered and disappointed by Grant - the man she had high hopes for - Ava breaks up with him and heads out on a ski weekend with a group of friends. Harrison, a twenty-three year old member of the group, can't help but take notice of her and makes advances. Some of which Ava can't brush aside when they are stuck sharing a room together. Will she give in to Harrison's advances or go home and work things out with Grant?

About the Author:
Restless by nature, Jewel Quinlan is an avid traveler and has visited 16 countries so far. Lover of ice cream, beer and red wine she tries to stay fit when she’s not typing madly on her computer concocting another tale. In her spare time she likes to do yoga, hike, learn German and play with her spoiled Chihuahua; Penny. It is Penny’s mission in life to keep Jewel from the keyboard. But, with the help of dog-chew-making-companies, Jewel has been able to distract her canine companion and continues to get thousands of words on the page for your enjoyment.

For more information about Jewel Quinlan
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What I #amreading this week! #Priest #ARancherForRosie @MissWishlade
I've got two books on my TBR this coming week. Once again, as I look at these two books (and the horror spiel I went on last week for reading), I am reminded of how wide of a birth my reading tastes can actually have. 

One is pretty taboo, the cover is damn hot, and people either seem to love it or hate it. I don't mind the subject of a priest falling in love, I think it's fascinating. 

So, Priest by Sierra Simone is the first book I'm going to dive into. I convinced my girl Tracy to pick up a copy (because I totally wanted to see what she thought of it first before I did) and then she tricked me by buying me a copy so that I couldn't NOT read it. 

Smart girl. ;) 

Everyone should have a friend like Tracy, okay. Haha. 

You can find it on Goodreads here


My second is an ARC copy of A Rancher for Rosie by Molly Ann Wishlade. It's the second in her Duggans of Montana series. I read the first and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Her tour is upcoming. 

You can find A Rancher for Rosie on Goodreads here
Release Date Announcement: Deathless & Divided - Coming Soon #Mafia #Romance
The first book in The Chicago War series is coming very soon! So, the firm release date for Deathless & Divided is September 7th, 2015. Enjoy the graphic teasers below. 

You can add Deathless & Divided to your Goodreads TBR here

Blurb reveal is coming very soon!



Review of #DirtyLittleSecrets by @ErinTheAuthor #Romance #Mafia
Erin Ashley Tanner's upcoming release Dirty Little Secrets will be out on the 21st! I'm terribly excited for her. I was lucky enough to get an early ARC copy to read and review. She calls me the mafia queen (I wish she wouldn't) and she really wanted to see what I thought of her dipping her toes into the genre--softly, as it usually goes. 

So, check out a little bit about Dirty Little Secrets and then scroll lower for my review of the book. 



Danger ignites a passion neither of them can refuse.

 Ava Hill learned early in life that to survive, she has to be twice as smart, twice as ruthless as those who seek to undermine her. As the widow of a mob boss with a daughter to raise, nothing is more important than protecting what's hers.
 Her determination to shield her child from the ugliness of her past takes a hit when a man claiming to be her late husband's son barges through her front door. 
 Dominic Sambarino demands half of her daughter's inheritance. Ava wastes no time showing him she'll come out swinging with everything she has. But no amount of fight in the world can prepare her for the instant, smoldering chemistry between the two of them. 
 A friend's invitation for a weekend getaway is a welcome chance to regroup, or so Ava thinks. But she soon finds herself caught in a circle of her dead husband's secrets and lies that threaten to cost her everything. And her only safe haven is the one place she vowed she'd never go----Dominic's arms. 

Bethany-Kris's Review of Dirty Little Secrets
*****Five out of Five Stars*****

Ava Hill learned the hard way that there is no such thing as good men or love. Her deceased husband, a former Cosa Nostra Don, taught her that first hand. To save her father's life for the debts he owed, Ava offered herself to her deceased husband as payment only to become his Goomah and later, wife. After an accident took away her husband, Ava moved on from being the Boss's wife with her daughter. She's a ruthless, take-no-crap business woman with success as her middle name. When Dominic Sambarino--her dead husband's alleged love child--shows up on her doorstep demanding half of her daughter's inheritance, Ava is ready to show just how much of a fight he is up for. 

Dirty Little Secrets is not a gritty mafia tale. I want to get that out at first. The heroine was once married to a mafia boss and the hero of the story, Dominic, is in some ways, affiliated to the mob. There are a great deal of mob aspects that move the plot along and finishes it out--which a huge surprise and whoa moment, I might add--but if you're looking for the dirty, underbelly of the mob, this isn't it. 

That doesn't make this story any less GOOD. Because it was and I adored it. Ava is strong as hell and I can relate to that. I think those who can't would probably prefer a heroine with a softer side, but reality check, when you're groomed to be a Mafia Don's mistress, there is no "soft side". There's simply his side. Ms. Tanner does an exception job with the backflashes of Ava's time as her husband's mistress leading into becoming his wife. She captures the Goomah lifestyle and treatment perfectly. 

And her Italian men ... all old school. So old school. We're talking "broads" and "fuggetaboutit." She hits on a certain age group of the mafia men (Not the hero in particular) where they were still living in this wise-guy mentality and weren't quite ready for what the new age mob would throw at them. 

I appreciated that more than I can say. I loved it, really. 

The relationship between Ava and Dom is certainly fast-paced and intense. There is little wiggle room and he doesn't give Ava much of a choice once he moves in for the kill. I constantly found myself questioning Dom, wondering what he had up his sleeve or if his motives were up front. That makes for a good read. 

All in all, it's an awesome tale. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little heat with their suspense and maybe a little mob action thrown in on top. And that twist at the end? I didn't see it coming. I thought I knew who it was ... I was crazy wrong. 


Please Note, I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which you got.
Confessions of an Artist ...
Whenever someone asks what I do for a living, I always respond with, "I'm an author." I usually quickly follow it up with, "Published." Because there's a definite difference between trying to get published and already having met that bar. That then begets an entire discussion about how many books I have published (13, if you're curious), who published me, and if someone's really curious (brave or stupid, you pick), they ask me about the money I'm making.

Which, FYI to the family members creeping my stuff, my income is none of your damn business.

This entire conversation is usually accompanied by a pained look--from them, not me. As if the career I've chosen is somehow doomed to fail me or leave me starved for cash, food, and so forth. Like my kids are going to be left without a college savings or clothes on their backs.

That's ridiculous, but I get their concern. Especially when they learn, no, she's not published by a major publisher, but rather, small presses and by her own hand.

Let me just say right now, I love being an indie author. Yeah, I bolded, underlined and italicized that right there. Because it's important to know. Once I realized how little control I had with a publisher, I took a step back and reevaluated what I wanted as an author and what I needed as an artist creating something from my mind. Because creating those things that are mine, are just that--making something that is mine. It's not someone else's to change to their whims and it's not for them to tell me what it's worth in a marketplace when my readers aren't necessarily their readers. And I wanted to tell my stories--the ones they rejected, the ones they didn't think "readers would like" and the ones that kept playing on repeat in my head nonstop.

In other words, The Russian Guns.

I finished that series a short time ago. The last book came out and made it's final say for me and the Guns. I told those stories even though an acquisitions editor told me not to because the readers wouldn't want to see them.

I've had more people than I care to count look at me and ask, "Well, why can't you get published with a big publisher?" Because that makes an author, don't you know. Having a big five contract and an agent makes for a professional author. Having PAN status and a couple of awards under your belt makes you important.

I don't need those things. I commend everyone--anyone--who has those things, but I don't need them.

And to those people, I always reply with, "I have never tried to win an award, get an agent, or seek a contract from a big publisher."

Never. Not once.

I can't fail at something if I don't attempt it. Some may call that a failure in and of itself, but I've never actively desired those things, either. I've been rejected a total of three times in my career as an author. Twice for Lynked, and once for The Life. Lynked eventually found a home. The Life was my first step into self-publishing.

I've done okay. I'll probably keep that up. I know when people ask about my work that sometimes, they're worried I'm chasing an unobtainable dream.

They don't even realize I've already caught it.

In the end, I'd like for people to know just a few things about this author.

I am a professional. 
My three boys are fed, clothed, sometimes have a dirty face, but are always smiling. 
I am an artist. 
I am happy. 
I write eight hours a day, five days a week. 
I have yet to fail. 

These are the only things that I need to see to know that this career treats me just fine.

#Teaser of my current WIP - Reckless & Ruined #Mafia #Romance
Reckless & Ruined is the second book in my Chicago War series. I've been getting the words down for it since the beginning of the month, hoping to have the first draft finished before the end of July. The first book, Deathless & Divided, is slated for an early September release.

In D & D we meet Lily DeLuca and Damian Rossi ... but we also get a couple of peeks at Adriano Conti. In R & R, Adriano is the main man. He's the twenty-year-old son of the Outfit's front boss Riley Conti. He also has quite an attachment to the Outfit boss's granddaughter Alessa.

And this just isn't okay ...

(It's actually really had to pick a teaser from Reckless without giving away a lot of what happened in Deathless. So, without a doubt, each book is about different characters, but they cannot be read as standalones)

You can add Deathless & Divided to your TBR on Goodreads here.




Riley shrugged, asking, “But where were you last night, son?”
Adriano stilled. “I beg your pardon?”
“You left the house and didn’t come home for a good while. I had guests after you left that asked after you. I need an excuse to pass off your absence if questioned. Give me one.”
“Are you suggesting I might have killed—”
“I suggested nothing. Give me an excuse.”
Adriano didn’t like liars and he wasn’t one, but he also didn’t want to get his sister in more trouble by telling on her for hanging around with Theo DeLuca. Adriano went with the next best thing—he didn’t mind taking his father’s bullshit.
“I went to see Alessa.”
Riley’s lips drew thin. “Well then. Why?”
“I wanted to check up on her.”
“This … little interest you have in that girl needs to stop, Adriano. I’ve never agreed with your fancy,” Riley said.
“I just look out for her, Dad.”
“Right. I didn’t realize my middle name was idiot.”
Adriano cleared his throat. “I didn’t say it was.”
“You are both beyond the age where people will believe you’re simply looking out for her, son. Right now, with the Outfit in an uproar, it is even more important that my children be open and available for a marriage if the need arises.”
Like fuck.
“I’m not going to marry someone just because you tell me to.”
“You will do as I say,” Riley replied.
“I have done everything you wanted me to. I quit college to work under your men fulltime. I look out for Eve like you ask. You’ve marked out every second of my future without my input but I didn’t mind. I will not let you force me into a marriage with someone I don’t know or give a shit about.”
Riley's expression remained passive and cool as he said, “I married a woman I barely knew and didn’t care much for. Look at how we turned out.”
Spotlight: Kola by @KiruTaye #NewRelease #Erotic

Title: Kola
Series: The Essiens, book 4
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance


When sassy heiress, Tari Essien, needs a place to escape the pressures of the hounding press, she turns to Kola Banks, a deeply scarred ex-soldier who's also the Essien chief of security. Kola can't offer Tari anything more than his protection. She's family for goodness sake, even if they share no blood ties.

It’s a weekend of lessons for both of them. Together they can't avoid the explosive heat that sizzles between them, nor help pushing each others' boundaries physically as well as emotionally.

But when the weekend ends and Tari's life is in danger, will Kola put his body as well as his heart in the line of fire to keep her safe?


Amazon US

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Barnes & Noble







With slow steps, she walked toward him, keeping her voice low and packed with the need she had for him. "I dreamt about you last night. That your touch scorched my body, your tongue on my nipples. I’m dripping wet right now just thinking about it."
He swivelled with a growl. Flinching, she took a step back at the intense expression on his face. The raw, almost feral heat in his gaze, the slight tip to one corner of his lips, baring white teeth. She
trembled as she made the realisation; she was no longer the predator but now the prey.
Just like that he'd switched on her. She'd gotten what she'd wanted. Her heart pounded against her chest and dampness soaked her knickers. How could his obvious anger turn her on so much?
"You want a bit of rough? You want me to fuck you, is that it?"
Shocked by his language, her words choked in her throat. No one had ever spoken to her in that manner. She clamped her thighs together, wanting to relief the building pressure.
"No, you don't," he gritted out as he leaned over and tapped her thigh with his knuckles. "Keep your legs apart."
She complied without understanding why he'd made the demand, only knowing she'd do whatever he asked, if it'd give her what she craved. Him fucking her hard and fast. She’d taunted him for that reason. If it would drive away the ache in her heart for a little while, then she’d take it no matter how
rough it was.
"Answer my question," he said, the calmness in his deep voice belying the passion in his dark eyes.
"Yes," her voice was a soft husky whisper, her body trembling with her own increasing desire.
"Say it, Tari," he commanded.
"I want you to fuck me," she replied and relished the freedom the words gave her.

Kiru is the award winning author of His Treasure and bestselling author of The Essien Trilogy series. She writes sensual and
passionate multicultural romance stories set mostly in Africa. When she's not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her very own alpha husband and three children.

Follow her blog for latest news and giveaways:
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You can also reach her on


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The last look at The Russian Guns - #ComingSoon
I am not writing another novel for The Russian Guns series. Shattered was the last Russian Guns novel for me. That family and the world they live in has reached its course. Let me just make that clear right up front. I am, however, donating an 18,000 word novella to Fandom for Rainne.

Many readers asked for more of Koldan & Ana. I chose not to write the couple their own novel simply because I didn't know what to tell. They didn't have anything they wanted to tell me. But I did know bits and pieces of their life, things that were important moments to them as they grew older, strengthened their marriage and made a family of their own.

That was what I chose to write for Fandom for Rainne.

The Koldan and Ana piece is titled The Jersey Vignettes: A Russian Guns Outtake. It will be included in a compilation of works that will go out to anyone who donates 5 dollars US or more to the gofundme campaign. The main point of this fundraiser is the mother of Rainne Cassidy who's  has been recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. The money raised in this funding will be used to help her cover expenses related to her illness.

So, I signed up to donate my work. For readers who wanted Ana & Koldan, for the ones who want one last look at this family and their life, this is where it's going to be. The compilation will be going out around November 10th.

You can find more info on Rainne, her mother, and the other artists donating here:

And you can find the gofundme page to donate here:

Filthy Marcellos and The Russian Guns are now on Oyster!
 A great portion of my titles are now available through the Oyster subscription. Oyster is like an all you can read buffet for readers. Both of my mafia series are on the site ... with the exception of The Arrangement (Book One in The Russian Guns). I enjoyed having my titles on Scribd, but with their new policy of cutting out a great portion of romance from their library, my titles will probably be a few that go. Oyster allows me to keep my titles on some form of a subscription service.

Happy reading!


The Russian Guns

Filthy Marcellos

#99cents for a Limited Time! Riding Rebel by @KiruTaye - Love. Lust. Deceit.

Riding Rebel is on a 99 cents/pence/euros SALE for a limited time.

֍֍֍Riding Rebel SALE Blitz֍֍֍

Title: Riding Rebel
Author: Kiru Taye
Series: The Essien Trilogy #3
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication date: January 26, 2015

#bookblitz #erotic #romance #AfricanAmerican #1click

Blurb – Riding Rebel:

Seen as the rebel Essien, Tony has always felt like an outsider. With a daredevil lifestyle, he’s more at home in leathers than in a suit, and more likely to be seen gracing the red carpets at a movie premiere with a starlet draped on his arms than in a boardroom. Still, he’s determined to prove himself to his family and build a successful movie business. Spotting Rita Dike at an event, he sees
the potential star of his new movie and his next pleasure conquest.

Rita is a journalist looking for her big break. When she inherits the journal of her late best friend who claims Tony is not an Essien, she spots the perfect scoop. Her acting classes come in handy when she has to pose as an actress to get closer to Tony. Succumbing to the charms of dark and brooding Tony might just be the only way to get through the close ranks of the Essien family.

But as she gets closer to the truth, Rita risks losing the riding rebel who’s raided her heart. Can love heal hearts or will deceit break them?

Tagline: Love. Lust. Deceit

Book Links

Excerpt from Riding Rebel

His grip on her arm tightened and he increased his pace as they headed across the polished marbled floor of the lobby to the lifts. She stumbled. He swivelled, grasped her shoulder, and pulled her into him to save her from falling over. He'd forgotten she was tottering on sky-high-heeled shoes. He really shouldn’t be such a bastard no matter how pissed off he was at the situation.
His panting breath mingled with hers, their faces only an inch apart. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay," she whispered in a breathy voice, surprisingly subdued.
The urge to kiss her rose, watering his mouth. They stood in the middle of a busy lobby with prying eyes and mobile phone cameras. Tomorrow, their pictures would be splashed all over the Internet. It never bothered him when that happened. However Rita's artless demeanour indicated she wasn't used to the limelight. Something in him wanted to shield her from the exposure.
So he tamped down his desire and tilted her head up so she had to look into his eyes. Her soft, smooth skin felt warm and beautiful brown irises met his hesitantly. "I'm going to call the lift and go up to my room. It's your choice if you want to come up or not."
"What..." She sucked in a breath as if gathering strength to say what she needed. "What do you want from me?"
"I want to fuck you," he said in low voice meant for her ears only.
Her lips parted, her breath hitched. The pulse on her neck thundered and her throat rippled as she swallowed. But she didn't back away and her saucer-wide eyes turned molten brown with lust.
There. He had his answer. She wanted him. Would she let him fuck her? Because that's what it would be. In his world, sex was about fucking. Wild, animalistic, unrestrained rutting. He would see to her pleasure again and again. Still, it wouldn’t be sweet and it wouldn’t be loving.
A lift opened and a man stepped out. Tony released her and walked into the lift. Turning, he faced her. Enough game playing. She had to come to him of her own volition.
She stood there looking sexy as sin as she bit her bottom lip and her forehead puckered in a frown as if she wondered why he'd left her in the lobby.
"I'm not going to drag you into the lift, if that’s what you were expecting." His fingers itched to do it, though. He didn't want to contemplate that she would turn around and walk away. Yet he had to give her the opportunity. "You have to walk into this lift yourself if you want me."
She glanced behind her and took a hesitant step backward.
His heart thundered. She was going to run. He held his breath and counted to ten to stop from stepping out and grabbing her arm. Instead, he jammed his finger into the door hold button and waited. Seconds ticked by that felt like hours. Sweat beaded his forehead.
She looked up and met his gaze. "Can you make the pain go away?"

Connect with Kiru on Social Media
Twitter:  or @KiruTaye

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