#Teaser of my current WIP - Reckless & Ruined #Mafia #Romance
Reckless & Ruined is the second book in my Chicago War series. I've been getting the words down for it since the beginning of the month, hoping to have the first draft finished before the end of July. The first book, Deathless & Divided, is slated for an early September release.

In D & D we meet Lily DeLuca and Damian Rossi ... but we also get a couple of peeks at Adriano Conti. In R & R, Adriano is the main man. He's the twenty-year-old son of the Outfit's front boss Riley Conti. He also has quite an attachment to the Outfit boss's granddaughter Alessa.

And this just isn't okay ...

(It's actually really had to pick a teaser from Reckless without giving away a lot of what happened in Deathless. So, without a doubt, each book is about different characters, but they cannot be read as standalones)

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Riley shrugged, asking, “But where were you last night, son?”
Adriano stilled. “I beg your pardon?”
“You left the house and didn’t come home for a good while. I had guests after you left that asked after you. I need an excuse to pass off your absence if questioned. Give me one.”
“Are you suggesting I might have killed—”
“I suggested nothing. Give me an excuse.”
Adriano didn’t like liars and he wasn’t one, but he also didn’t want to get his sister in more trouble by telling on her for hanging around with Theo DeLuca. Adriano went with the next best thing—he didn’t mind taking his father’s bullshit.
“I went to see Alessa.”
Riley’s lips drew thin. “Well then. Why?”
“I wanted to check up on her.”
“This … little interest you have in that girl needs to stop, Adriano. I’ve never agreed with your fancy,” Riley said.
“I just look out for her, Dad.”
“Right. I didn’t realize my middle name was idiot.”
Adriano cleared his throat. “I didn’t say it was.”
“You are both beyond the age where people will believe you’re simply looking out for her, son. Right now, with the Outfit in an uproar, it is even more important that my children be open and available for a marriage if the need arises.”
Like fuck.
“I’m not going to marry someone just because you tell me to.”
“You will do as I say,” Riley replied.
“I have done everything you wanted me to. I quit college to work under your men fulltime. I look out for Eve like you ask. You’ve marked out every second of my future without my input but I didn’t mind. I will not let you force me into a marriage with someone I don’t know or give a shit about.”
Riley's expression remained passive and cool as he said, “I married a woman I barely knew and didn’t care much for. Look at how we turned out.”
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